John Muir


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circa 1887


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[8 ft dia, 40 or 50 ft high & with a spread of 60 to 100 ft or more, [the] and a trunk of a most rugged [a perfect type] of unwedgeable strength, while at the top of the same mountain it will be only a small bush 5 ft or so in height with a trunk an inch or less in thickness & forming [growing] [in a] dense masses covering several acres with [an even] uniform growth like heather, on top of which the mountains [one] may make a comfortable bed [might spread his blankets & sleep in comfort.] While between these extremes of size & habit there may be readily traced in many places a perfect gradation from greatest to smallest.]

Bush Poppy

A marked plant [to me is [the] a rigid woody] is the bush poppy found on the hot [sterile] hillsides near camp


(Dendromecon rigidum) [It is] the only woody member of the family I have yet met in all my walks. Its flowers are bright Yellow 2 1/2 inches dia., fruit pods 4 inches long, slender & curving; height of bushes about 2 feet, made up of many branchlets radiating from the root. It is a companion to the manzanita & other sunloving chaparral shrubs [that make up the chaparral] of [the][on] warm and [somewhat] stony ridges.

The sheep grow hungrier & therefore less manageable every day. They [ ] and scatter like mad and a merry chase they lead us. We [ ] now say we have had sheep on a hundred hills

[The sheep interfere sadly with my enjoyment of this fine wilderness. The feed is rather thin for so many mouths & they are hungry & dissatisfied. have been growing worse every day of course. They run like mad all of them that are able leaving the old & infirm behind, & a merry chase they lead us to head them off [We] N[n]ow may almost say that have sheep on a thousand hills sometimes I fear we never will be able to gather them together again, though all have been got into the corall [corral] every night so far, as near as I can guess by the size of the flock. Must try to count them on their way out of the

corall [corral] in the morning.]

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