John Muir


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circa 1887



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June 12th

they [ ] [ ] come. Never before have I seen clouds of so substantial form & texture. Nearly every day towards noon they rise with visible swelling motion as if [a] new worlds were being created. So much work [to do] is being done with such fineness of finish though meant to last but a few hours. Over the forests & meadows & thousands of wild gardens they brood and hover [are led] with cooling [refreshing] shadows & showers [life giving rain.]

Keeping their treasures in glad health and heart. [Where are the gardens of civilization where such exquisite & laborious unwearying [availing] pains are taken to keep all [their] the flower treasures & grass & trees in perfect [health] gladness of [health] heart & health?]

One may fancy the clouds themselves are a kind of plants springing up at the call of the [livegiving] sun. [sprouting] from invisible buds [seed-points], growing in beauty until they reach their prime, scattering [their] rain and hail


[until it reaches its prime then wilting & wasting away after scattering its fruit of rain drops like seeds to feed & refresh the waiting multitudes below.] like seeds and berries wilting and dying.

[Live Oak]

The Mountain live oak [that grows hereabouts] (Quercus chrysolepis) common here and a thousand feet or so higher is [very] like the Live Oak of Florida not only [both] in [its] general appearance [of] foliage bark & wide branching habit [etc] [&] but in [the] its tough knotty unwedgable [strong everlasting] wood. The largest are about 7 or 8 feet in diameter near the ground 60 feet high and as wide or wider across the head.

The leaves are small & undivided - mostly without teeth or wavy edging though [some of the leaves] on young shoots some are quite sharply serrated both kinds being found on the same tree. The cups of the medium sized acorns are shallow [&] thick-walled & covered [over] with golden dust of minute hairs. Some

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