John Muir


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circa 1887


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I shall be glad all my life I [ ] come in [ ] to see [S…] (1) Began with [region] of San Joaquin in its glory form top [g…] of Pacheco Pass. See Old & New.

Central Valley of the San Joaquin [ ] the plain (2) After Yo [Yosemite] returned to the great valley & watched the growth of [fir], to earn money in hurry [feeling] or running [ ] [ ] [ ] (breaking wild horses, the sheep shearing, etc. & [grasses] from the [sprouting] seed after [the] [ ] [rain] [ ] to [many] [when] all the vegetables withered & dried into [ ] so dry it crumbled underfoot to [boulder] [ ] [dust] & the brown expanse looks like a desert Then the [flocks] & birds are driven into the mnts [mountains] etc. & pasture thirsty dusty panting there until driven down again by winter [ ] [ ]

The summer heat & drought of the San Joaquin plains [are] almost intolerable to dogs. When a young man with whom I was slightly acquainted learned that I was going to the mountains he asked me to take is big intelligent St Bernard [dog] Carlo with me assure me that he would be a faithful affectionate companion knew all the wild animals for he had often hunted on the mountains. He thought he could trust me to be kind to him, that he would assist me in managing the sheep, guard the camps and in every way he found able and faithful, etc. Carlo knew we were talking about him [ ] [look on] our faces & listened so attentively I fancied he understood us [the question] and I asked him if he was willing to go with me. He looked me in the face with eyes of [p…] wonderful intelligence then turned to his master and after permission was given with a wave of the hand toward me and a farewell patting caress he quietly followed me as if he perfectly understood all we had said and had known me always. How good and wise and affectionate he proved to be I shall never be able to tell. Will in part appear in the following notes of the trip.

I was fortunate in getting charge of a fine, intelligent, wise St Bernard dog. His master a hunter with whom I was slightly acquainted heard [in town] [when he] as [s…] going to spend the summer in the mountains and begged me to take his dog Carlo with me for he feared the dreadful heat of the San Joaquin plains might be the death of him. I think I can trust you to be kind to him he said and I’m sure he will be good to you. He knows all about the mtn [mountain] animals Will [arrow pointing to guard the camp]

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