John Muir


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Circa Date

circa 1887



[section cut out]

[there are]

[are piles]

[…ings where]

[work with]

[which they]

scales at the

[scale by scale]

their spiral


the base of

[& obtaining]

…one must make

[He holds]

…ries & those of

…ide down

held upside

Keeping this[their]

Squirrel & turned

[…s to avoid]

…tting usually

[or hawks etc]



smeared with gum. Not even his paws or whisker And how cleanly and beautiful in color [& fragrant & cleanly the] cone litter kitchen middens he makes. [Mountain][The wilderness is ever fresh & sweet like the briny sea.]

We are now approaching [in] the region of [summer] clouds & cool streams. [springs, & green grass. Saw some fine bossy] Magnificent white cumuli appear about noon above the Yosemite region. [today at noon over the upper peaks showing grandly above the tops of the evergreens. Beautiful] floating fountains refreshing the glorious wilderness, [bringing life to every flower & leaf – floating] sky mountains in whose [downy] pearly hills & dales [all] the streams [rivers] take their rise. blessing with cooling shadows [as well as with life giving] and rain. No rock-landscape[s] is more varied in sculpture, none more delicately modelled


[section cut out]

than these [cloud] landscapes of the sky dome and peaks rising [cloud-domes] swelling [with visible motion], white as finest marble & [as] firmly outlined [on the deep [blue sky] alpine azure as domes of granite. to me] a most impressive manifestation of world building. Every rain cloud however fleeting, leaves it mark [on the mountains], not alone on trees & flowers whose pulses are quickened [by its absorbed rain-drops], nor on the replenished streams & lakes [ever replenished & shiny with mossy banks] but also on the [rigid] rocks [granite pavements] are its marks engraved whether we can see them or not.

I have been examining the curious and influential shrub, Adenostoma fasciculata, first noticed above Horse-shoe bend. It is very abundant [here] second [mountain] plateau near Coulterville.

[There is a marked species of shrub] on the lovely slopes of the

[2nd bench that looks at a distance like heather], forms[ing] [like the heaths of Europe] a dense almost impenetrable [even] growth [for]

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