John Muir


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circa 1887



of the [King of all the pines in the world] P. Lambertiana or Sugar pine. We are now in the mountains and they are in us. Kindling unquenchable enthusiasm. [Ah Now we are fairly into the mountains, and they are into us]. We are fairly living now.

[What bright seething white fire enthusiasm is bred in us without our will help or knowledge a perfect influx into] making every nerve quiver filling every pore & cell of us [fusing, vaporizing, by its heat until the boundary walls of our heavy flesh] Our flesh tabernacle seems to be dissolved [taken down] & we [flow out diffuse] pass into the [very] air & trees & streams & rocks thrilling with them [to every] at the touch of the [vital] sun[beams, responsive] We are part of Nature [now] neither old or young, but immortal in a terrestrial way neither sick or well just now I can hardly [I cannot now] conceive of any bodily condition [variable &] dependent on food or breath any more than the ground [granite stones] or the sky [is so dependent] How glorious a conversion, so complete & wholesome is it, Scarce memory enough of old bandage days is left as a standpoint [to] view [it] from even in the calm midnight silence & dark of the camp [at night]. We rather seem to have been so always. Nature like a fluid seems to drench [& steep] us throughout with newness of life [so the] [as the whole]


[sky & the rocks & flowers are drenched with spiritual life - with God. Now I am no longer a shepherd with a few bruised beans & crackers in my stomach & wrapped in a woollen [woolen] blanket but a free bit of everything not to be defined as to extent nor cramped or bound as to movement [any] more than [sounds] clouds are.

Through a meadow opening in the pine woods today I caught sight of snowy peaks about the headwaters of the Merced above Yosemite. What a glorious drift I enjoyed when looking through the pillared aisles of pines today caught sight of the snowy peaks grouped about the headwaters of the

Merced.] How near they seemed & how clear their outlines on the blue air, or rather in the blue air for they seemed saturated with it. How consuming strong the invitation they extend. Shall I be allowed to go to them, night and day I’ll pray that I may but it seems too good to be true, someone worthy will go, fit and able for the Godful work. Yet as far as I can, I must drift about these love-monument mountains, glad to be servant of servants in so holy a wilderness. [the very substance of the sky. What promise they held out & invitation & how grand the attraction felt. I would reach them some time I felt & I would go to them in very love to learn whatever I might be able. Then it would all seem too good to be true

I would never be allowed so noble a duty someone worthy would go & be blest. Yet [so far as I am able] will I drift about these mountain love monuments of Divine love near or far here or there, willing - dearly loving to be but a servant of servants in this holy wilderness.]

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