John Muir


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circa 1887


and misunderstood yet ever returning good for evil, blessing for cursing. And at the last after being reviled, scoffed at, spit upon, whipped, he meekly suffered himself to be cruelly put to death praying for his tormentors with his last breath.

O dear friend let us give our hearts to Christ our Saviour [Savior] and love him and follow in his footsteps forever. Then however far we may be separated while we each follow our destiny here, we shall meet again above the region of storms in that bright mansion of the blessed the home of our Saviour [Savior] & Father to part again no more forever.

Old log schoolhouse.

Near Madison Wisconsin. Written in the year 1860.

Old log schoolhouse; warped, and gnarled, and leaky; opening thy crooked ribs, and seams, and knots. To rain, and snow, and all the winds of heaven to keep thee sweet and healthy. Many a storm hath played wild music beating on roof & gable Loosely boarded; telling all the weather, as if some wondrous instrument thou wert, speaking aloud throughout all times and seasons, thy parts of speech, so strangely varied, mixing with stranger speech within. Called, English Grammar. While yet the [ ] trunks of which thy walls are built stood on the hills with [all their] outspread leaves and branches a shelter then thou wert for gladsome birds, that made [glad echoes] sweet music ring about their nests. And still a noisy nest thou art and shelter for callow birdlike children soft and downy, logs woven about them, piled and jointed, crossed like sticks and straws, and roughly plastered with clay and mud like nests of Mason robins; No nest filled tree [more noisy with bird like sounds] so noisy, chirping, trilling, warbling, hooting, howling, Like linnets, jays, and owls, Jackdaws, and catbirds, Free education fit to raise the dead and kill the teacher.

Date Occurred

1856; 1860

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Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library

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