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Science Etc 17th cent [century]

From Izaac [Izaak] Walton [Nat] 1593 “Angler” “an angling pastoral, babbling of all things that are in the heavens above earth beneath & in the waters under the earth”

God not contented to [each] kind to give, And to infuse the virtue generative, By his wise power made many creatures breed of lifeless bodies without Venus deed.

So the cold humour breeds the salamander

So in the fire in burning furnace springs

The fly Perausta [Pyrausta], with the flaming wings,

without the fire it dies, in it it joys,

Living in that which all things else destroys,

So slow Boôtes underneath him sees,

in the icy islands, goslings hatch’d of trees,

whose fruitful leaves falling into the water,

are turned, tis known to living fowls soon after

So rotten planks of ships do change

to barnacles. O transformation strange!

Twas first a green tree, then a broken hull,

lately a mushroom, now a flying gull,

“When I looked on these meadows I thought of them as Chas’ [Charles] emperor did of Florence that they were two pleasant to be looked upon but only on holidays” I. Walt’ [Walton]

“Welcome pure thoughts welcome ye silent groves, these guests, these courts, My soul most dearly loves” I. Walton

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