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Any body projected upwards with any velocity will use to the hight [height] from which it would require to be dropped in order that it should attain the same velocity with which it was projected therefore we can find the space described by a body projected upwards, at the end of a given time by first finding the hight [height] to which it [wanted] rise and the time required, then subtracting the given time from the whole time and finding the velocity which a body would have by falling from rest in the [difference] of those times which would be the required velocity. If projected downwards we would first the hight [height] to which it would rise if projected upwards with the same velocity before coming to rest then adding this time to the given time and proceed as etc.


Chemistry of the mtns [mountains]. [ ] [streets] [whom] [flow] walk the snow.

[ ] metallic & flute notes mingled with [reposeful] breeziness of [pine] [music].

Dogs in [Sierra], deer [grow] & [flies] & flowers. But not given up to [ ] God [ ] then this warm love is in every [wind] & storm, frost & ice & hail have no coldness in themselves, the warm blood of God through all the geologic days of volcanic fire & through all the glacial winters great & small flows through these mountain granites, flows through these frozen streams, flows through trees living or fallen, flows through death itself.

[ ] [any] sky is a shell through [ ] wh [which] light [ ] [ ] as through smoked glass, [men] [wiggle] in this sticking air [like] [zoospores].

4th camp Light of morning [Yell] [spirit]. Compress as may [with/not] dense, cold sky warm light [cozy] & gentle & pure so [ ]

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