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We find the velocity of a falling body at any point by multiplying the seconds it had been falling by the acceleration of gravity or if the time is unknown by the square root of twice the acceleration of gravity by the distance.

We can find the space described in a known time by multiplying the velocity acquired in one [second] by the number of seconds [seconds] and taking one half of product.

We find the time required to fall through a given hight [height] by finding the square root of twice the hight [height] divided by the distance passed over in first seconed [second]. When we have velocity we can find the [height] by [squaring] the velocity and dividing it by twice the acceleration of gravity.


There is nothing as eloquent of God as light. Nothing so speaks of God as this light. How numerous is the family of God in these mtns [mountains] so unknown of man & how tenderly he keeps them. How human our God is when we come to know [man] by [him].

heard the [ ] laugh of a squirrel though cold 8 [degrees] & as I leaned [over/our] [ ] [ ] heard a pair of [lovely] wings & overheard the high flying [I] crow.

How hushed, not the [hush] of [expectance] of [infinite] suffering the [omnipotence!] of [loveful] repose. Robin speaks now, cheerful. How widespread is Robin God himself is thus [differed/diffused]. Avalanches [rocks] mountains, what [statistics] of power, in this calm.

How blessed to feel all of the little [special] [fires] [die] out of our blood in the fire of this hallowed light to feel this unity of all God & his family to full [like] [obedient] down to every wind of Nature [ ] to feel as fully separate from ones body to step into [go out to] God & all that he possesses to leap & laugh with flowing waters to be a part of the great & little winds to be part of tempests to whistle with birds laugh & [chatter] in squirrels.

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