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The can [canyon] only one tree was spared out of a swath 200 yds? broad & that was a noble specimen of fir The limbs on the up stream side were shorn off to a great height wh [which] marks the depth of the snow.

All of the blue air wh [which] fills these noble cañons is played upon by countless falls & cascades & waved to glorious song

The trees overturned by avalanches always lie head downwards [however] far carried also they are [pushed] sidewise like [strewn] [straws] & left [thick] above each other along the edge of the swath on both sides. The pines lie wilted & dead like weeds but the Burly & everduring [enduring] junipers appear to take their fate ungracefully & lie as if alive ill at ease like unlucky wrestlers anxious to rise again. Junipers all die standing never fall unless pushed down. [Where] all of [their] [roots]


Pk [Peak] next E [east] of Black Mtn [Mountain] gl [glacier] v [very] feeble

Slope 40º [degrees] at top 20 below

Height top about 11300 bot [bottom] 10900 width about 250 yds middle

A consid [considerable] portion bare ice has beautiful curve

Dir N [direction north]

On E [east] side long steep névé is fine pyramidal pk [peak] about 11500

[Slab] sloped 38º [degrees]

Gl [Glacier] of Grand Mtn [Mountain] at head of S [south] Fork Merced [River] first gl [glacier] on W [west] V [very] short & straggling only alive feebly in middle about [1/2] m [mile] long with side névés in patches, about N [north] a good portion of surface bare ice, has V [very] lovely lake at foot (one of largest colored green & dark purp [purple] & V [very] transp [transparent])

Gl [Glacier] No. 2 E [east] of Grand Mtn [Mountain] about [3/8] m [mile] broad with moraine near middle [about] 50 ft high in back also slight schrund [bergschrund] [sent] most of its ice down W [west] most [forks] [sketch] of double cañon [5] last of this Merced group series

Top about 11400

Merced group series 7

Between N [north] Lyell & N [north] Rit [Ritter] 8 6 E

Rit [Ritter] & Minarets 12 8 E

Lyell 2

Emerson group 21 11 E

Kern 6

Dana 3 1 E

Walker R [River] & Carson [River] [4] 4 E

Shasta 5

Mid [Middle] San [Joaquin] 2

Total 70

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