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34 [Deer] in morning squirrel on [bark] Storm thunder. Hail on water on [Gentians] grasses wincing rush of new made cascades Young Joaquin 30W [30N] 2nd 7th Morning Bright, after [rain] Sun stealing down opposite wall touching [ ] [bosses] & every grove in turn. Moves down to bottom every rock & meadow Mountains [not] washed [ ] The [birds] are [like] they do [not] care to [come] from their snug nooks in [ ] a [day] & pine & [dry] places in the woods the Butterflies are late too their wings are damp [their] [fresh] energy [mtn] [even] flr [flower] the sun not an hour high yet the [gentians] are open no sign of injury from hail only here & there a petal lip hanging low The cascade by my side sings with a new voice, a new song—raindrops & hail stones as well as gls [glaciers] & snow banks are in it now. The huge cañon like one life seems born again An hour later. A hard climb up the cañon side [among] [not] [bushes], Now near top of cascade a white glowing cloud on the mtn [mountain] notch at top—the sun just over it [sen] silver cld [cloud] [line] silver stream, seems the cloud itself coming down in cascades it leap[s] from boulder to boulder glad tall purple spikes of [Epilobium] on edge some leaps high enough to break its [smoke] & spray & willow edgings trees on wall above on both sides Last night rascal squirrel tried to steal my hatchet woke up often in night (Party at Lyell frightened) frightening capabilities of small creatures in night over day

Slept under grand old experienced juniper that had been nearly over thrown a [ ] avalanche from [mtn] above but after coming down on his elbows maintained his ground & grew & prospered though never erect again a [grounded] tangle of branches & all kinds of [ ] about his roots. Cleared away [stones] & built up wall to keep from rolling over precipice as if an arm of the tree held [me] also. Just below my tree a smaller one the protecting branches like it on the very brink of the wall beneath it is a [river] bed a most complete concealment & resting place & without Before dark an hour or so I heard a sharp loud snorting & looking down where the valley spread map like I soon discovered a doe She bounded up the [mountain] side where [ ] & a gentle slope made it possible [when] stopping a look back at me, meanwhile I sat perfectly

35 Avalanche when descended Joaquin [cañon] trees one [mtn] pine [5 ft h] will[ow] spruce stood up. Lost branches 30 [feet] up cast into lake Gen [General] course of main cañon S20E Some of its central floor rocks are 500 ft high. Many of its rocks on W [west] side [cañon] over lean because the [slate] dip W [west]ward. Over lean where strong enough to stand yet with clvg [cleavage] sufficiently well developed this makes many of central take this general form. Many of these leaning rocks often having acquired a rounded [sketch: cross section to direction of cañon] outline from the action of ice have had their [cleavage] lines developed & Fallen away on the leaning side either from their over weight or in some instances from earthquake shocks. (Apply this to after examination of slate masses nearer the foot of range) All slate that I have seen in the sierra & also all granite is possessed of four planes of sloping clvg [cleavage] [sketch: Note vertical clvg [cleavage] planes at A] Section of [East] wall of upper N [north] can [cañon] of San Joaquin [river] showing ice striation also two of clvg [cleavage] planes at right angles to direction of ice Note only a few of those planes are as well developed as to show distinctly excepting in a few places This section is about 250 ft [feet] above the bottom of valley is about square & will measure about 50 ft [feet] on side Just opposite this section is a middle can [cañon] rock [showing] the other two planes. Also at particular places two other planes vertical [or] [ ] & about at right angles to one another also a horizontal plane these 3 extra? perhaps [universal] are [developed] as required

[sketch of square set on its corner with lines crosshatching it]

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