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28 (Lyell 1) Dir [Direction] of [upper] W [West] fork of 2nd Cañon N 5 E on E [East] Side of noble forest of spruce & pine thick planted Lake nearly filled

Garden 1 sq yd [square yard] on W [West] slope W [West] fork of double cañon Pedicularis attolens 75 spikes ½ to 3 ½ long ¾ in [inch] dia [diameter] avg [average] 2 ½ with 30 flrs [flowers] flrs 3/8 in [inch] long Some broad at bottom of lip: lower lip 3 parts pink with dark purp [purple] streak in middle of each division—upper lip twisted & circled from left to right containing [their] stamens & pistils Calyx hairy & purp [purple] spotted also [bracts] tallest wave about 1 inch in 6 [wide] [braze] leaves—slender [ferny] simple pinnate, pinnae serrate whole plant 1 foot long Senecio like tip of [involucre] sharp & black 29 plants—length tallest 14 ½ [inches] –8 ½ [inches] about 20 [heads] in raceme. 14 florets in head about ½ in [inch] long racemes flat headlike 1 [inch] broad. pale yellow, stems silky hairy—red leaves ¾ in [inch] broad 4 in [inch] long [Daisies] Plants 36 tallest 16 in [inches] shortest 8 avg [Average] 12 hds [heads] 1 ¼ in [inch] dia [diameter] large pale bluish rays—[Disc] flrs [flowers] yellow No [Number] of hds [heads] 40—lvs [leaves] at bot [bottom] 3 in [inches] narrow smooth (purp [purple] at bottom, also stem) Hairy Lupine 1 plant 18 in [inches] high 17 racemes 3 in [inch] long dark blue Potentilla past flr [flowering] 3 hds [heads] yel [yellow] Phleum grayish purp [purple] heads 29—avg [average] 15 in [inches] long— ¾ in [inch] long ½ dia [diameter] ( hd [heads] wave most of all) Dark close panicled—22 pan[icles] 2 in [inch] long ¼ wide, whole plant 1 ft [foot] [long] pale hairy stem, & leaves foxtail like. Innumerable panicles of Calamagrostis brewerii inconspicuous [ ] & one bunch of smooth stemmed [juncus] with [fringing] of [polystichum] not in fruit. At little distance nothing is seed but 3 [flowers]

31 This garden is on Moraine surrounded with Will [Willow] Spruce a few small groves of wh [which] stand out in the flrs [flowers] has all [been] forest but burned charred stump & logs everywhere appearing in frs [flowers]. 1000 ft ab [above] sea ½ m [mile] long—200 yds [yards] wide sloping w [west] at angle of 13° A few clumps willow silky [A few] carex plots [A few] young pines

Ground silky & white with mats of antenaria & hum of hummingbird—Sounds Aug [August] 15th ’73 -it mtns N W Cath group Black summits -V [very] snowy bosomed mtns [mountains of Clrk [Clark] [grounds] dist [Distance] & [ ] of Merced Stream of canon -[ray] rocky wall bare w [West] wall of cañon The rush of dist [distant] Cascading from long narrow lake ½ m [mile] Pine planted [on] | [side] -ms Wind in forest & grass, Screams of Clark Crow buzz of

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