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1st x x “ “ 2nd “ “ 3rd v [very] warm (winged ants) Smokey films & dull red at night) 4 “ “ 5 [(Thermometer 45°)] Big [ ] & rain Alder aments ripe 6 “ “ “ “ 7x Sky deeper blue than ever, slight frost 8 “ “ “ “ 9 Sky dim half lighted masses of mistletoe more yellow 10x Rain grove of (red cornus in Rune [aments] etc) 11 do [ditto] 12 Sun forenoon [Rain] ab [about] 1- Mist ascending Moonlight mist 13 v [very] heavy rain all day Falls loud in the storm song tonight rocks in the sky) Thunder 14th Sunshine & rain from SW [Southwest] 15x Sunshine, Clouds at noon from SW [southwest] Rain at night changing to snow 16th cold valley in full jewels 17 [warmer] Jewels Mostly gone again [ ] [coming] 18 Rain forenoon 19 Mild cldy [cloudy] X20 v [very] [shally] rain 21 [ice] & snow seems as if on [waves of sea] 22 (Bright with sun & snow) fleeting vallies [valleys] pasture on S[outh] & [ ] eyes went from clustering peaks & swept vallies [valleys] lingering unsteadily like entangled clds [clouds] 24 v [Very] warm & bright only thin fibrous bows of cloud [spanned] val [valley] Hot & Cold at night 25 do do [ditto ditto] 26 “ “ 27 “ cloudy Nature hushed as in the pensive days of Indian summer [3] [1917] 28th Soft dense fine grained clouds 29th Hot flies, blue sky no clds [clouds] Falls taking up [Still] higher tunes 30th do do [ditto ditto] Blue golden light laid every night on Tis [Tissiack] for inspection Rainbows irised waters finally divided [moving] 31 “ “ “ 32 “ “ “ “ v [very] warm alder tassels ripening [ ] deep blue atmosphere sea almost tideless & currentless & without a coast, no jagged coast wall of continental cloud No islet nor [tingeing] shallows

The [hon] of 7 do do [ditto ditto] x 8 “ “ “ 9 “ “ “ Puffs of winds 10 Storm Snow 11x Cold Cloudy 12 Rain & [Teshwal] of mist 13 Rain mist in wide spanning bows & arches grandeur of the deep gloaming of such a night 14 Rain all night & [ ] glory of waters many climb up the [midst] of snowy falls Water do not [fall] 15 Bright 16 “ 17 Rain, evening mist & falling rocks 18th Full rain all night & half day Falls higher than ever, “ a most divine right Fierce [furious] (I speak after the manner of men) disembodied that may go into the substance of falls 19 misty & rain 20 do do [ditto ditto] 21 do do [ditto ditto] 22 ‘’ ‘’ with [ ] of sun 23rd Bright cloudless


Besides methodless sponging [ ] of Natures beauty I seek to [send] out by close investigative lines & words not well understood but in the work of grave science I [make] but little progress [If] in after years I should be able to make more exact researches these lawless wanderings will be valuable as suggestive beginnings but if I should walk no more with nature, if I should return to the awkward rules & laws of civilization & be [buried] as [at] a [strand] into the thick [ ][ ] of society. These sweet free [ ] [roamings] be as little chinks & seams on lifes [my] horizon whence I may obtain narrow glimpses of the treasures of the Kingdoms [of Nature] beyond

[sketch: [Coulterville]; Cranes flat; [ ]]

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November 1869


Original journal dimensions: 10 x 16.5 cm.

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Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library

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