John Muir



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In this lengthy interview, Muir states: "New England has a birth-given right to this breathing spot, and all arguments to the contrary, from whatever source emanating, are put forward by thieves and robbers. The ingenious excuses that commercial interests find, for destroying God's handiwork are bewildering, but when you finally see through them you discover that they are all actuated by greed. . . ." Muir continues to speak strongly for the preservation of forests and parks, and then recounts his plan to visit South America, for which he will depart in June.


The [Boston] Sunday Herald


p. 8, cols. 5-7

Rescue Forest, Says John Muir. White Mountain Despoilers Are Called Thieves and Rascals by Famous Naturalist. Interest Must Be Fought. Marvels of Yosemite Pictured by Man Who Has Given Life to Studies.



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