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Muir tells of his long and intimate friendship with Francis Fisher Browne, founder and editor of The Dial magazine, saying, "He was one of the literary pioneers of the old West who have made roaring Chicago a centre of literature�Like every great-hearted poet, he was a nature lover and a charming companion on wave-embrodered shores and shores and sunny hills and mountians." Muir mourns his passing, and in closing writes: "As we grow old we cling all the more fondly to old friends; but Death takes them away just when our need of them is sorest...And now Beloved Browne has gone, and all California seems lonelier than ever. Surely no man was ever better loved, and his lovely friendship will abide with us until the end."


The Dial, v. 54, no. 643


p. 492

Browne The Beloved.



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