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""There are ways across the range, old ways graded by glaciers and followed by men and bears, but not a single way, natural or artificial, has yet been constructed along the range; and the traveler who will thus move in a direction at right angles to the course of the ancient ice rivers must make a way across canyons and ridges laid side by side in endless succession, and all roughened with gorges, landslips, precipices, and stubborn chaparral almost impenetrable to wolves and bears. Such is the region in which I have been making ways during the last month in pursuit of Sequoia gigantea."" Muir continues to find no basis for the belief that the sequoia is becoming extinct, commenting, ""The farther south I go the thriftier and more numerous they become.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p. 1, col. 5

Summering in the Sierra. The Giant Forests of the Kaweah. Something about the 1875 Sequoia Gigantea of the South Fork of King's River-Measurements of Largest Trees by John Muir. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Pluno [Plano], Cal., October...



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