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""In every country the mountains are fountains, not only of rivers but of men. Therefore we all are born mountaineers, the offspring of rock and sunshine; and, although according to ordinary commercial methods of computation it may seem a long way down through lichen and pine trees to God-like human beings, yet measured by other standards the distance becomes scarcely appreciable."" Describing the ever-changing landscape as he rides north from Independence to Mono Lake, Muir concludes by chiding Californians who travel to foreign countries and are ""so little aware of the grandeur of their own land ... leaving the wonders of our unrivaled plains and mountains wholly unrecognized.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin


p. 1, cols. 3-4

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A small portion of this article can be found in no. 175, v. 1, p. 34

Summering in the Sierra. John Muir's Description of a Wonderful Region. Owens Valley and Its Lava Floods-The Conflict Between Frost and Fire-Mono Valley-Dead Lakes-A Mountain Character. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Yosemite Valley,...



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