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In this feature article with a double-page banner headline, Muir writes: "Man is in the woods and waste and pure destruction are making rapid headway. If the importance of forests were at all understood. even from an economic viewpoint, their preservation would call forth the most watchful attention of the government." After describing the extensive devastation throughout the forests caused by the lumbermen and sheepmen, Muir closes his essay with his now well-known statement: " ... unless protective measures are speedily invented and applied, in a few decades at the farthest all that will be left of sequoia gigantea will be a few hacked and scarred monuments."


The [San Francisco] Examiner, Sept. 20, 1896


p. 22, col. 5; p. 23, col. 1

To Check the Reckless Ravages of the Ruthless Denuders of Our California Forests John Muir and the Other Members of the Forestry Board Are Now in the Field. Forestry Commissioner Muir On the Work of Deundation [sic]. Forces That Are at Work To Lay Waste Our Timber.



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