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Dr. Kneeland read this paper at a meeting on March 6, 1872. After a compilation of weather statistics, Muir describes a fierce windstorm that swept through the valley from the north ""bending and swaying the great pines ... like a field of wheat, and showering their cones about like hailstones."" The upper Yosemite Fall, he relates, was halted in mid-air, ""as if at its base the laws of gravitation had been suddenly suspended."" Muir emphasizes the contrast between the north and south sides of the valley, saying, "" ... on the north and sunny side it was spring, on the south side there were twelve inches of snow and midwinter-the two seasons separated only by half a mile of valley.""


Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History. Boston. v.15


p. 148-151

Winter Phenomena of the Yosemite Valley.

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