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A party from the ship's crew traveled a good distance to purchase a reindeer for meat. After much negotiation, the natives drove their flock from the hills to the shore, selected an animal to butcher, and performed a strange ceremony. Muir writes: ""I have never before seen half so interesting a company of tame animals .... In these frozen regions they supply every want of their owners as no other animal could possibly do-food, warm clothing, coverings for their tents, bedding, rapid transportation, and, to some extent fuel.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Oct. 26, 1881


p. 1, cols. 1-2

In Plover Bay. Reindeer Farming on the Arctic Shores of Siberia. Graphic Description of Reindeer Farmers and their Flocks. Glacier Groovings-Desolate Appearance of the Land. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) Steamer Corwin, Plover Bay, Siberia, August 26, 1881.



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