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From Muir's extensive studies of the distribution of the sequoia and its relationship to its environment, he concludes that ""the area covered by Sequoia has not diminished during the last eight or ten thousand years, and probably not at all in the post glacial times."" He closes his long, scholarly dissertation with his well-known statement: ""It appears, therefore, that notwithstanding our forest king might live on gloriously in Nature's keeping, it is rapidly vanishing before the fire and steel of man; and unless protective measures be speedily invented and applied in a few decades at the farthest, all that will be left of Sequoia gigantea will be a few hacked and scarred monuments."" (The essence of this quotation was first used in no. 55.) This paper was favorably reviewed in the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, July 3, 1877, p. 2, col. 1.


Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science [Salem, Mass.], May, 1877, v. 25


pp. 242-253

On the Post-Glacial History of Sequoia Gigantea.



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