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This article and the two following ones arrived in San Francisco and were published on the same date under the general heading: ""From the Icy North .... The Corwin Refitting for Another Cruise Programme of the Voyage."" As the Corwin arrived to meet the land party, Muir writes that a life boat was lowered and a line thrown to the men, who secured it to their skin boat, enabling them ""to get themselves fairly launched and free from the tossing, wave-dashed ice which momentarily threatened to engulf them. The air was gray with falling snow, and the north wind was blowing hard, dashing heavy swells against jagged, tumbling ice blocks that formed the edge of the wild, tumultuous uproar."" The searchers reported: ""The natives everywhere along the route traveled treated the party with great kindness, giving them food for their dog teams and answering the questions put to them with good-natured patience.""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, Aug. 15, 1881


p. 3, col. 7

Near Cape Serdze. Rejoined by the Land Party-Confirmation of the Discovery of Wreck of the Vigilant-List of Relics Recovered. Steamer Corwin (Off the Tchuchi Village of Tapikan, near Cape Serdze, Siberia), June 29, 1881.



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