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""The Aleutian chain of islands is one of the most remarkable and interesting to be found on the globe, sweeping in a regular curve a thousand miles long from the end of the Alaska Peninsula towards Kamchatka, and nearly uniting the American and Asiatic continents. A very short geological time ago, just before the coming on of the glacial period, this connection of the continents was probably complete.... ""


San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin, July 25, 1881


p. 1, col. 3

The Aleutian Islands. Geological Notes of the Group-Glaciers and Volcanoes. Fauna and Flora of the Group-Agricultural Notes-The Inhabitants. (Special Correspondence of the Bulletin.) (By the Alaska Commercial Company's steamer Dora ... the following delayed letter ... came to hand:) Ounalaska, May 21, 1881.



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