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In this article, Muir effectively uses the palimpsest image to describe a Yosemite glacier. It is a favorite device that he often uses, particularly in a discussion of glaciers. ""Two years ago when picking flowers in the mountains back of Yosemite Valley I found a book. It was blotted and storm beaten; all its outer pages were mealy and crumbly ... but many of the inner pages were well preserved, and though all were more or less stained and torn, whole chapters were easily readable."" Thus Muir introduces his belief in the glacial formation of the Yosemite Valley. He relates m detail the physical evidence of the action of glaciers upon the area drained by the Yosemite Creek, which has its source on Mt. Hoffman.


New York Daily Tribune


p. 8, cols. 5-6.



Yosemite Glaciers. The Ice Streams of the Great Valley. Their Progress and Present Condition. Scenes Among the Glacier Beds. (From an Occasional Correspondent of the Tribune.) Yosemite Valley, Cal., September28, 1871.

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