Mediation Skills and Techniques


Mediation Skills and Techniques



This is an essential and comprehensive addition to the professional library of all mediators. It provides a thorough course of study of the mediation process, from convening the mediation to formalizing the settlement agreement. The book adopts an interdisciplinary approach to mediation, integrating knowledge and expertise from law, psychology, and sociology. Practical examples and case studies are used to illustrate the skills and techniques necessary to become an effective mediator. Bolstered with scientific research, the content of the book goes far beyond the scope of most other mediation books with its extensive consideration of the dynamics of interpersonal conflict and negotiation techniques that set high-quality mediators apart from the crowd. Additional helpful practical advice about cultivating a successful mediation practice is provided, including a survey of careers in mediation, tips on marketing, and appendices with useful forms and worksheets. All mediators and students of mediation will find sound and applicable guidance in this book, regardless of their experience level, background, education, or field of practice. This book answers the call for the systematic preparation of forward thinking mediation professionals who seek to be on the vanguard of this rapidly expanding and evolving field. Coverage includes:

  • Ch. 1: Introduction to Learning Mediation Skills and Techniques
  • Ch. 2: Establishing the Foundation: Introductions, Intake, Screening & Preparation
  • Ch. 3: Maintaining a Favorable Climate
  • Ch. 4: Managing the Mediation Process
  • Ch. 5: Assisting the Communication Process
  • Ch. 6: Managing Conflict from Crisis to Opportunity
  • Ch. 7: Facilitating the Negotiations
  • Ch. 8: Encouraging Settlement
  • Ch. 9: Variations in the Mediation Process
  • Ch. 10: Special Issues in Mediation
  • Ch. 11: Avoiding Mediator Traps
  • Ch. 12: Becoming a Mediator, Careers in Mediation, and Establishing a Private Mediation Practice



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Mediation Skills and Techniques