Elaine Brink Stanley created the compass rose that can be found between Knoles Hall and Burns Tower. She graduated from the art department in 1941 and designed and completed the mosaic in 1949 as part of her master's degree. The center of the mosaic is the official seal of Pacific, which is surrounded by sections marking the four cardinal directions and the four principal academic divisions of Pacific at the time. According to the Pacific Review, "Fine arts are represented by the musical lyre and the mask of drama. The balances of justice represent the social sciences. Physical sciences are denoted by a microscope. Health and physical education symbols are the caduceus, a tennis racquet and a bat and ball."

Stanley also wrote a thesis on her creation of the mosaic, which is available online through the University of the Pacific Scholarly Commons here

Knoles Quad

Pebble Mosaic

Left: Knoles Quad, 1949

Right: Knoles Quad, 2023