After a successful career as a State Senator, George Moscone launched a formal campaign for Governor in 1973. In a crowded field, he attempted to clinch the Democratic nomination but ultimately withdrew after realizing he could no longer compete amongst politicians with higher name recognition such as Jerry Brown, son of former Governor Pat Brown. These are some items from Moscone's campaign for Governor.

Governorship Ambitions

Serving as Majority Leader in the California State Senate gave Moscone the motivation for higher office. George Moscone himself campaigned for George McGovern's failed presidential bid in 1973 and used it to help advance his own ambitions for Governor.

Moscone and McGovern2

Moscone and McGovern: Moscone meets McGovern at the San Francisco Airport on the campaign trail, 1972.

Moscone and Edward Kennedy

Moscone and Edward Kennedy: Picture of George Moscone with Edward Kennedy, 1972.

State Central Committee Welcome Letter

Democratic State Central Committee Convention Welcome Letter: A letter welcome DSCCC attendees that mentions Moscone's intention to run for Governor, 1973.

Moscone Newsmaker

Moscone Newsmaker: A newsletter and picture of Moscone that discusses his intention for higher office, 1972.

Building the Organization

George Moscone worked hard to build his organization of volunteers. He courted professionals, students, labor, and various minority groups to help his campaign for Governor. He was particularly proud of his legislative accomplishments in health care, child nutrition, and making government more open and accountable to average people.

Photo of George Moscone campaigning at Alameda picnic. Caption beneath reads: "Senator Moscone hosted by more than 1,500 picnickers at scenic Crow Canyon Park in Alameda County, Sunday, July 1. The Senator spoke briefly and mingled with the crowd during the afternoon."

Crow Canyon Picnic: Moscone campaigns at Camp Canyon picnic in Alameda park, August 1973

List of George Moscone's accomplishments as Senator, compiled by Volunteers for Moscone

Record of George Moscone: List of Moscone's accomplishments as Senator, compiled by Volunteers for Moscone to support his gubernatorial campaign.

Gala Headquarters Opening

Gala Headquarters Opening: Invitation to Gala Headquarters Opening for Orange County Headquarters, with donation slip at the bottom.

Volunteers for Moscone

Volunteers for Moscone: A letter asking for volunteers from Orange County for Moscone's Governor campaign


Volunteers for Moscone Meeting Invite: An invitation asking for Orange County volunteers to help in Moscone's campaign for Governor

Professionals for Moscone

Professionals for Moscone: A letter addressing potential campaign volunteers and donors in Southern California

Unions for Moscone

AFL-CIO pamphlet: AFL-CIO flyer endorsing George Moscone for Governor, stating his labor friendly voting record

The Campaign Trail

George Moscone was known in San Francisco for being a tireless campaigner. He loved shaking hands and interacting with people on a personal level. During his campaign for Governor, Moscone literally drove a Jeep from the north end of the state to the south, stopping at towns rarely visited by state politicians. These items show the campaign itinerary and recount some of the events along the way.

Moscone bid for governor opens with statewide tour

The Moscone Democrat: Promotional newspaper discussing Moscone's bid for Governor and his stances on issues.

Map of tour

Map of Campaign Tour: A Map Illustrating the Locations of Campaign Stops for Moscone's Bid for Governor

Moscone's Accomplishments

Campaign Tour Flyer: A list of Moscone's legislative accomplishments

Moscone's Campaign Trail Leads Him Off Beaten Path

Moscone's Campaign Trail Leads Him Off Beaten Path: Los Angeles Times article discussing the various places George Moscone visited during his campaign for Governor

Moscone Newsmaker August 1973

Moscone Newsmaker 1973: A Newsletter asking for volunteers from August 1973

Moscone and Tom Bradley

Moscone and Tom Bradley: George Moscone campaigning with Mayor Tom Bradley, as depicted in a Moscone Newsmaker newsletter

Moscone Insider

The Moscone Insider: A Newsletter discussing George Moscone's state campaign tour

Gaining Support

As the campaign continued, Moscone earned the support of labor groups, student groups, and newspapers. Here are some examples of items related to his efforts:

Moscone the man_Page_1

Moscone, The Man, The Legislator: A flyer outlining Moscone and his legislative accomplishments and a family picture

Letter to the Mexican-American Political Association_Page_2

Letter to the Mexican American Political Association: Moscone asks for the support of the Mexican-American Political Association and highlights his stances on issues

Moscone Clippings

Moscone Clippings: A collage of newspaper clippings from the back cover of a Moscone Campaign pamphlet

Senator Moscone for Governor

Senator Moscone for Governor: The Daily Bruin's (UCLA's campus newspaper) endorsement of George Moscone for Governor

The End of the Effort

At the beginning of 1974, George Moscone decides to end his efforts in seeking the Governorship of California. Moscone cites fundraising difficulties, press inattention, and public apathy in the wake of Watergate as the main reasons he withdrew from the race. Despite this political setback, Moscone continued on as majority leader in the State Senate and was successful in his mayoral campaign, becoming San Francisco's Mayor in 1976.

Moscone Campaign Falters_Page_1

Moscone Campaign Falters: A clipping of San Francisco Magazine explaining why the Moscone Campaign is struggling.

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All images are from available at the Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific, in-person and on Digital Deltas at the following links:

Moscone and McGovern - MSS 328, Box 14 Link

Moscone and Edward Kennedy- MSS 328, Box 14 Link

Democratic State Central Committee Convention Welcome Letter-MSS 328, Box 12 Link

Moscone Newsmaker 1972- MSS 328, Box 12 Link