Review of Women leading school systems: Uncommon roads to fulfillment. Teachers College Record

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Teachers College Record



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“The job will probably never change—we need to prepare better for it. When we survive, we need to help others so they can get a frame of reference for what is ‘normal.’ As I learn, I am committed to helping others along their way” (p. 136). These words from a participant in C. Cryss Brunner and Margaret Grogan’s 2003 survey of women superintendents and female assistant/associate/deputy superintendents across the U.S. capture the essence of both the good news and the bad news reported in Women Leading School Systems. The good news is that women public school superintendents as well as women in central office positions are surviving and, in the majority of cases (74% for superintendents), they report that they are thriving. Furthermore, their numbers are increasing, and they are committed to mentoring others so that this upward trend will continue. The less-good news is that the job (of superintendent) for... (preview truncated at 150 words.)