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Dec. 7. Sabbath. Mr. Blakeslee has gone, and we have had no preaching or meeting of any kind. Dr. has been quite sick to day. His back is so lame that he can hardly move, and he has had some fever and cometing. Mr. Vlace was here this morning, and talked about coming here to preach for us occasionally, but I do not feel anxious that he should, for he has his mouth full of tobacco all the time, so full as to look really disgusting. How can he fitly speak the words of Jesus? (T.S.R. 34. 2 P.M. 67. S.S. 57.) Dec. 8. Monday. Dr. is still quite sick. I do not think he is any better. (T.S.R. 35. 2 P.M. 66. S.S. 56.) Dec. 9. Tuesday. The weather is cloudy and rainy. Dr. is not yet out of bed. He thinks, however, he is improving. (T.S.R. 48. 2 P.M. 53. S.S. 50.) Dec. 10. Wednesday. Weather still cloudy. Dr. has been up most of the day. Rosa Robbins called awhile this forenoon. Leonora Walker has now come to live here a month and help me about the work. She is a quiet girl, twelve years old and I think I shall like her. Mr. Tallmadge took tea here. Ida is today eight mos. old, and weighs about eighteen pounds. She is the fourth in size, Ada being smaller. She has the same number of teeth that the others had two. She is a happy, noisy child, squealing and crowing but does not cry much. She is quiet and does not get around or off the bed much. She is strong and can stand in the corner. Nothing pleases her more than to go to bed at night. When she falls upon the pillow, she shuts her eyes, puts her fingers in her mouth & is soon fast asleep. (T.S.R. 47. 2 P.M. 56. S.S. 51.) Dec. 11. Thursday. Foggy morning. (T.S.R. 41. 2 P.M. 51. S.S. 45.) Dec. 12. Friday. Mr. Blakeslee is at home for a day or two, and gave us a call. We understand that Mr. Dorsey died last night. (T.S.R. 41. 2 P.M. 56. S.S. 52.) Dec. 13. Saturday. The wind has blown very hard today. Josiah went to Stockton with Dr. (T.S.R. 36. 2 P.M. 54. S.S. 50.) Dec. 14. Sabbath. We have had no meeting. Luther and Ada rode to Mr. Diddle's with their father, who went to dress a broken leg. This eve, Susie came over and she and I went to the singing school in the Hall kept by Mr. Hett. (T.S.R. 29. 2 P.M. 55. S.S. 51.) Dec. 15. Monday. (T.S.R. 30. 2 P.M. 55. S.S. 50.) Dec. 16. Tuesday. My dear little daughter's birthday. Ada is five years old. Dr. has taken Luther, Ada and Howard with Helen and Emily Blakeslee to ride with him about ten miles. They carried lunch, and enjoyed it much. Ada measures three feet and five inches in height, which is one inch less than Luther did. She is lighter than he was, weighing but thirtyseven pounds, while he weighed forty-two and one-half. But about most things she is more forward than he was though not more careful. She reads about as well as Luther does at the present time, having nearly read through the first Reader(Sargests.) They recite in Colbura's Arithmetic together, and she learns and reckons as quickly as he does. She is very fond of learning, and is very smart and quick, easily managed and affectionate in disposition, also very fond of work, willing to learn and willing to help. She and Luther wash and wipe most of the dishes when I have no other help, being in wood and help in various ways. Months ago, I promised Ada she should commence to sew on her birthday. Miss Wakefield has given her some patchwork already cut out and grandpa Locke has given her a workbox and thimble. Also she has the promise of a pair of scissors as soon as she has completed the First Reader. She is anxious to commence. She is very neat and careful of her clothes, and quite a little woman of her age. (T.S.R. 26. 2 P.M. 58. S.S. 52.) Dec. 17. Wednesday. Pleasant. (T.S.R. 32. 2 P.M. 60. S.S. 52.) Dec. 18. Thursday. Cloudy. (T.S.R. 40. 2 P.M. 38. S.S. 50.) Dec. 19. Friday. Still cloudy. (T.S.R. 43. 2 P.M. 66. S.S. 60.) Dec. 20. Saturday. Weather rainy (T.S.R. 52. 2 P.M. 56. S.S. 55.) Dec. 21. Sabbath. Weather cloudy and rainy. Today we have had a meeting in the Hall and Mr. W. P. Blakeslee read a sermon of H. W. Beecher's - subject-self-conceit. There were but a few people present, but the sermon was excellent , really refreshing, containing many valuable suggestions on the training of children. We enjoyed it much. (T.S.R. 50. 2 P.M. 55. S.S. 50.) Dec. 22. Monday. The weather is rainy. Susie came over to the store to purchase some things for the Christmas tree which she is to have, and called here a short time. (T.S.R. 50. 2 P.M. 59. S.S. 49.)

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December 1862

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