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Feb.16. now four teeth - two upper and twounder ones - and I think he has entirelyrecovered from the whoopingcough. He has now worn short clothesfor a week. He does not yet standalone, but he can walk betweentwo very well. He delights to get intomy rocking-chair, and stand andhold on to the back, while some onerocks him. He stands very firmly inthis way. When he sees anythingwhich he thinks new or interesting,he will put up his mouth round,and say "O" very prettily. I believeI have never mentioned how Imanage about feeding him atsunrise. I fill his bottle with milkand cork it tightly, and then placeit in the bed with us wrapped ina towel. The heat from our bodieswarms it, and so I do not have toget up to warm it by the fire.This saves me much trouble. Duringthe day, the river has risen sohigh, that all have been expectingan overflow; but it is now sinkingFeb. 17. T.S.R. 39. 2 P. M. 55. S.S. 51. The lettersfrom home, which I have so earnestlyawaited, have arrived and been perused.I had fondly hoped that SisterSusan had concluded to come herewhen Bro. George returns; but shedoes not mention the subject at all.Neither does she speak of the NormalSchool, which she has anticipatedattending. Aunt Harmah Cotton,who buried her youngest child,little Sarah, last June, has becomeinsane through grief, and she isnow in the Saunton Insane Asylum.This is sad indeed, forwho shall now perform a mother'spart to those who remain?Why could she not better controlher feelings, that she might stillbe able to do her duty to her otherchildren and her affectionatehusband? I hope she will live tobe convinced of her folly anddo better. George has made aninteresting visit to Abington, &is in fine health and spirits

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