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1917. are badly swollen and painful. He has gotten medicine from Dr. Barbour, and Hannah will poultice it. Then my Electric Heater - one-half of it - suddenly went dead - some wire broken, we suppose. (T.S.R. 38. 2 P.M. 61. S.S. 53.)

Jan. 28. Sabbath. Church services as usual. Celeste went to Dr. Barbour and had the sore arm (or hand) lanced, Dr Barbour sitting up in bed to do it, and there was considerable discharge of pus, so it will be relieved, but he will not be able to work with it for quite a number of days. (T.S.R. 40. 2 P.M. 58. S.S. 54.)

Jan. 29. Mon. Weather cloudy. Ada has gone to Oakland to complete some matters of business at her home which need her attention. Have written to Eureka. (T.S.R. 47. 2 P.M. 60. S.S. 55.)

Jan. 30. Tues. Morning rainy, but clear by 10 A.M. which is a disappointment to many, because now we are badly needing rain, because so much frost has hardened the top of the ground. Received letter from Theresa and a postal from Ada. The latter is very thankful she went down at this time, as she finds she was greatly needed. (T.S.R. 47. 2 P.M. 50. S.S. 46.)

Jan. 31. Wed. We have had a sudden change in the weather to very cold, and a disagreeable north wind is blowing. This seems very disappointing have written to Theresa. Mrs. Folendorf called. The Court has ordered all the Lumber Yard accounts experted before he can have his preliminary examination. This will occupy a week or two. So the case drags on, and still he cannot remember. (T.S.R. 28. 2 P.M. 45. S.S. 43.)

Feb. 1. Thurs. Theresa and family came. They are contemplating a change made necessary by renting their place to an Italian - Ratto - and the feed for hogs and cattle giving out. Julius Bruml has made them an offer which they may accept, consequently they may leave their home and come here to live, if agreeable arrangements can be made. This will necessitate some changes in our courtway and dairy-room, if they decide to make butter here, which they propose to do. This is all in the future and will take time to perfect. Received letters from Willie and Ida, and a postal from Josiah - He reports that Aunt Eliza seems to be holding her own at present. Ida writes that Mr. Parker seems to be slowly gaining strength, but still coughs - has not worked for five months. She writes of a scarlet fever epidemic in Eureka, which has closed all the schools, so that her girls are now at home - nineteen families quarantined. And at Alameda, so distant from Eureka, they have the same epidemic and all schools closed. The Vice-Principal of one of the Grammer schools there took the fever and died. In Lodi measles are prevalent. (T.S.R. 27. 2 P.M. 49. S.S. 45.)

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1917. Feb. 2. Fri. After school the S. School pupils came here to a banquet - the occasion being the result of the Contest between the two sides of the S. School to get new members, credits for attendance, perfect lessons, &.c. - The losing side was to banquet the other, but the number of credits were so nearly equal that all joined in the preparations, and between 70 and 80 partook of the refreshments, and decided to repeat the contest in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Siegel attended and remained here over night. He has been quite ill for weeks with bronchitis and shut-in Ada arrived from Oakland, and expressed herself as very glad she made the trip home. (T.S.R. 34. 2 P.M. 55. S.S. 52.)

Feb. 3. Satur. Received letter from Eunice and wrote to the children in the East. (T.S.R. 36. 2 P.M. 60. S.S. 64.)

Feb. 4. Sabbath. Church services as usual. Theresa and family came out, being obliged to bring some pigs to a pen here on the Bruml ranch. Jim is to enter into some arrangement with Julius as to the working of the place, and they are planning to leave their own home to the Italian Ratto, who is working it on shares, and to come here to live with us, after some necessary changes are made in the house. (T.S.R. 36. 2 P.M. 61. S.S. 54.)

Feb. 5. Mond. Helen Locke is now eleven years old. Last Sat. diplomatic relations with Germany were broken off, owing to Germany's course in the matter of submarine warfare. She has issued a threat to sink all the vessels of her enemies that she possibly can even coming to our very shores to do it, her object being to starve out England. And she is not at all particular how she does it, either lawfully or unlawfully. Count von Bernstoff, the German Consul, has been handed his passports, and our Ambassador has been recalled from Berlin - Minister Gerard by name. Have written to Portland. Hannah has had a birthday party for the little Japanese baby next door, she being one year old. She invited the children of the Primary Dept. of the S. School to come here after the day school closed. The Jap. mother brought a cake nicely frosted with baby's name - Aoki - upon it - having had the cake made at a bake-shop. One of the children brought a candle for the cake, another a wreath of smilax, and the Jap mother brought a small toy for each of the 18 children present. The children sang songs, ate the cake, played on the lawn and enjoyed themselves greatly. Mrs. Hatch called here. She is pleasant lady. (T.S.R. 38. 2 P.M. 62. S.S. 54.)

Feb. 6. Tues. Have written to Grandson John Fillmore Locke of Cincinnati - Calvin's son - and sent him the photo of his father, at four months old. (T.S.R. 37. 2 P.M. 61. S.S. 55.)

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January 1916

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circa 1916-1918


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