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Mixer & Refreshments


DUC - West Ballrom

Start Date

28-2-2020 4:30 PM

End Date

28-2-2020 5:30 PM


Mixer with music by Plural Music DJ Selecta MC (Marselus Cayton) ('14) and live performance from Pac Ave Records artist, Issadora Ava ('21)

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DJ Selecta MC aka Marselus Cayton is a Stockton native who graduated from Pacific with his degree in Business Administration with a concentration on Arts & Entertainment Management ('14). He started to DJ at 15 years old and when he got to Pacific, he formed Plural Music along with fellow Business student, Joseph Quijano. Since its formation, Plural Music has expanded into a music company that works in event production, music distribution, and artist management. In addition to owning and operating Plural Music, Marselus also works as a Project Manager in Engineering, and enjoys investing in property. Marselus' time at Pacific allowed him to meet his business partners, and make the necessary relationships to launch and grow his professional and entrepreneurial careers. Click here to view DJ Selecta MC's EPK.

Issadora Ava’s latest indie pop EP, No One Belongs Here More Than You, is due out on February 28th in collaboration with Pac Ave Records, University of the Pacific’s student-run record label. Featuring four original songs, written by Issadora and collaboratively produced with the student sound engineers of Pacific, the EP evokes the dreamy sounds of other indie acts such as Clairo or Mitski who are also known for their passionate voices. The EP details the world through Issadora Ava’s eyes, intent on sharing the experiences and her journey as a member of the LGBT community. Posting on Instagram after a recent concert she said, “I write songs about girls. And that’s okay. To put all of myself into my art makes me feel very vulnerable … I continue to put all of myself in my art and speak out for those who can’t.”

The music video for an advance track from the release, titled “NYE,” dropped exclusively on YouTube on December 31st, 2019. The bittersweet story plays out as Issadora encounters an old flame who is with another person at the party. Her memories rewind as she recalls their time together in a flashback. The video was filmed by Pacific students who she met through school. She starred in and directed the video demonstrating her confidence on both sides of the camera.

No One Belongs Here More Than You follows up on her Summer 2019 EP, You Don’t Live Here Anymore. It marks a more mature sound for her, in part because of the collaboration with both the Pac Ave label staff and the studio engineers who helped bring the music to life. “This project really challenged me and has helped me grow,” Issadora remarked, “as a songwriter and a performer.” Sami Fong, who co-produced the EP with Issadora, added, “I enjoyed making this project come to life, taking it from it’s pre-production stage of lyrics and melodies to a complete mixed and mastered EP working side by side with Issadora.” Although the record won’t be available until February 28th, Grammy-recognized songwriter and producer, Cliff Goldmacher, previewed the EP while doing a residency at Pacific. “Issadora’s EP is marked by a maturity and confidence in production, songwriting and performance that would make it a stand out at any level of the industry, let alone for students at the beginning of their musical journey. I’m very impressed.” The future looks bright for Issadora Ava. Her vocal and instrumental abilities, her knack for writing meaningful lyrics that speak about and to the LGBTQ experience, and her relentless drive to keep improving her craft, bode well for this emerging indie-pop artist.

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Feb 28th, 4:30 PM Feb 28th, 5:30 PM

Mixer & Refreshments

DUC - West Ballrom

Mixer with music by Plural Music DJ Selecta MC (Marselus Cayton) ('14) and live performance from Pac Ave Records artist, Issadora Ava ('21)