A Chinese-American Treasure in the Delta: Locke, California (360 Guided Tour)

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This virtual immersive guided tour of Locke, CA, was created to allow students at the University of the Pacific to visit this National Historic Landmark despite the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. The Locke Historic District is the largest, most complete example of a rural, agricultural Chinese-American community in the United States. Located in the San Joaquin Delta, this little town serves as a reminder of the resilience of Chinese immigrants and their often overlooked contributions in our history.

  • 00:00 - Introduction & Welcome
  • 09:23 - First Floor Boarding House
  • 13:54 - Second Floor Boarding House
  • 19:27 - Boarding House Room 1
  • 23:06 - Boarding House Room 2
  • 25:09 - Al's Restaurant, Main Street
  • 32:19 - The Dai Loy Gambling Museum
  • 44:30 - Money Room, Dai Loy Gambling Museum
  • 46:10 - Joe Shoong School House
  • 49:00 - Key Street
  • 56:04 - Photograph excerpts from Bitter Melon

Special thanks to the Locke Historical Foundation for access to the buildings and permission to film; James D Motlow for giving the tour and providing photographs from his book, "Bitter Melon". Professor Elke Schmeling DP: Kadri Nizam

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