A selection of reports written by faculty members of the College of the Pacific at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2015


Delta Narratives: Saving the Historical and Cultural Heritage of The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Steve Boilard, Robert Benedetti, Margit Aramburu, Gregg Camfield, Philip Garone, Jennifer Helzer, Reuben Smith, William Swagerty, Marcia Eymann, Tod Ruhstaller, David Stuart, Leigh Johnsen, Dylan McDonald, Michael J. Wurtz, Blake Roberts, and Margo Lentz-Meyer


Golf league recruitment and retention, Melissa J. Davies

Submissions from 2014


Hockey Alberta: Good and Poor Sport Behaviors in Youth Hockey, Melissa J. Davies, Brett A. Nichols, Lyndsie Coleman, and Megan Babkes Stellino

USA BMX Market Research, K. C. Mayer Jr., Eric Hungenberg, S. Daly, Melissa J. Davies, and Dianna Gray

Submissions from 2013

Colorado Rapids Fan Involvement/Team Personality Report, Melissa J. Davies, Craig D. Schmitt, and Emily M. Must

USA Synchronized Swimming Market Research 2013, Emily M. Must, J. Howes, Dianna Gray, and Melissa J. Davies

Submissions from 2012

USA Boxing Market Research 2011-2012, Craig D. Schmitt, Melissa J. Davies, and Dianna Gray