Panel: There Will Be Beer: The Rebirth of the Beer Cocktail

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Conference Proceeding



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International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP)


Chicago, IL

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March 14-17, 2014

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Long before mankind invented distillation, mixed drinks with a fermented base were the libation of choice -- and the key to social lubrication. The Egyptians brewed dates, Shakespeare espoused metheglin, and Harry Potter opted for a pint of Tudor-style butter beer. Today, beer cocktails remain an obscure genre of cocktailia but one that is quickly growing in popularity as bartenders and home mixologists discover the vast array of profiles, complexities, and flexible natures of beer and ale. Using tastings of Pharaoh’s Ale, Buttered Beere, and a modern beer cocktail, the panel will trace the history of beer-based beverages to arrive at the modern intersection of the craft brew and craft cocktail movements.