The effects of a web-based fitness monitoring system on physical activity in overweight and obese adults

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Conference Presentation



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Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis


Association for Behavior Analysis


Seattle, WA

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May 25-29, 2012

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Normand (2008) evaluated a package intervention to increase daily step totals using goal setting, self-monitoring, and feedback with healthy adults. The use of a standard pedometer in this study required the researcher to meet with participants weekly and did not provide the wearer with any additional feedback beyond daily step totals. The FitbitTM is a small, wearable accelerometer that works in conjunction with web-based monitoring feedback tools that provide the researcher and wearer with additional information compared to a standard pedometer. The purpose of the current study was to extend the Normand (2008) methodology using the step count and activity intensity measures from the FitbitTM device. The data thus far suggest that access to information from the device and use of the FitbitTM website did not produce significant increases in step totals for any participants. However, overall activity intensity did increase from baseline levels for some participants. These data suggest that more invasive intervention components such as goal setting might be necessary to more consistently and substantially increase both step totals and activity intensity, at least for some people.

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