Instead of preaching to the choir, publish outside of the box

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Conference Presentation



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Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis


Association for Behavior Analysis


Minneapolis, MN

Conference Dates

May 24-28, 2013

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Although behavior analysis thrives, its influence on other fields and the intellectual and popular culture remains mainly slight. In part, this is due to our having founded our own journals (e.g., JEAB). Among the benefits are readerships that understand our work and can constructively critique it. Among the costs are that we mainly “preach to the choir” and that many fields think we are dead. This session addresses how these costs might be mitigated by publishing “outside the box.” The participants address publishing basic, translational, and applied research in relevant journals in other fields, articles about and informed by behavior analysis in newspapers and magazines, and books for the intellectual and popular culture. The session’s objective is mainly pragmatic: to offer advice about how to publish in these venues. This includes the selection of topics (e.g., joint appeal), manuscript preparation (e.g., the autoclitics of circumspection), strategies for selecting venues (e.g., journals, magazines), and tactics for working with editors (e.g., valuing values). When we publish more outside the box, we will gain more influence in other fields and the culture at large.

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