Hands to Head Megaroundtable: Doing Food Work to Teach Food Studies

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Conference Proceeding



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Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), Collaboration and Innovation Across the Food System


University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

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June 18-22, 2014

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Lead Organizer: Jonathan Deutsch, Drexel University

Presenters: Lisa Heldke, Gustavus Adolphus College, Cynthia Belliveau, University of Vermont, Ken Albala, University of the Pacific, Rachel Black, Boston University, Farha Ternikar, Le Moyne College, Willa Zhen, Culinary Institute of America, Evan Weissman, Syracuse University, Jeffrey Miller, Colorado State University, Babette Audant, Kingsborough Community College, Netta Davis, Boston University, Vivian Liberman, Drexel University, Melissa Hudson Bell, University of California Riverside, Annie Hauck Lawson, Poly Prep Country Day School, Liz Schaible, New York City College of Technology, Christine Caruso, Touro College, Janet Gilmore, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Amber O’Connor, University of Texas at Austin, Alice Julier, Chatham University

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