A Wild Patience Has Taken Me this Far: Future Avenues of Feminist Scholarship

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Conference Presentation


Religious Studies

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Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)


Atlanta, GA

Conference Dates

November 21-25, 2015

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Scholars employing a feminist hermeneutic have advanced the fields of Jewish Studies and Early Christianity while pioneering the new field of Late Antiquity. This session hopes to foster a conversation about the various ways that the feminist lens has been applied to Jewish and Christian texts of Late Antiquity while keeping an eye to what future avenues lie still unexplored. What questions have not been answered? What challenges remain for female scholars in these fields? How can our scholarship speak to Feminist political causes today and in the future? It is our hope that this panel can provide graduate students and young scholars with an opportunity to engage established scholars from a variety of backgrounds to engage these pressing concerns.

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