Shenoute in Code: Building a Collaborative Online Environment for Studying Coptic Literature

Document Type

Conference Presentation


Religious Studies

Conference Title

16th UCLA-St. Shenouda Society Conference for Coptic Studies


University of California, Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA

Conference Dates

July 18-19, 2014

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Students and scholars of the ancient languages of Greek and Latin have a robust digital environment to read and study classical texts, thanks to resources such as the Perseus Digital Library, the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, the Library of Latin Texts, and other websites and databases. Those of us who work in Coptic, however, do not have similar resources. This paper will introduce the online, digital humanities project Coptic Scriptorium and outline some of the challenges and benefits of creating a collaborative, open-source digital research environment for Coptic literary texts. Many of the primary texts in the project are the writings of Shenoute. This paper also will briefly explore research questions that a digital resource can enable.

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