A selection of conference and lecture presentations from faculty members of the College of the Pacific at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2018

Consciousness in the Abyss: Benjamin Fondane and the Modern World, Cosana Maria Eram


A Linked Coptic Dictionary Online, Frank Feder, Maxim Kupreyev, Emma Manning, Caroline T. Schroeder, and Amir Zeldes


The Circles of Apollonius, Christopher D. Goff

Labyrinths of the Literary World: The Writings of Bárbara Jacobs, Traci Roberts-Camps

Submissions from 2017


The relationship between runners' environmental paradigm and their motives to participate in an urban or rural marathon, T. Aicher, Melissa J. Davies, and Eric Hungenberg

A Renaissance of Noodles, Ken Albala

Authenticity and Cultural Appropriation, Ken Albala

Bread Workshop, Ken Albala

Food and the City: Future Directions in Research, Teaching and Advocacy, Ken Albala

Italian Food History and Cooking Workshop, Ken Albala

Medieval Cooking, Ken Albala

Navigating Academia as an Early Food Studies or Food Systems Scholar, Ken Albala

Renaissance Aphrodisiacs, Ken Albala

The Science of Pasta, Ken Albala

What Do Book Publishers Want?, Ken Albala

World War I and Food, Ken Albala

Publishing in the Humanities Journals, Cynthia Dobbs

Writing to Learn/Learning to Write, Cynthia Dobbs

B. F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior: History, implications, and applications, Matthew P. Normand

Get moving: A programmatic line of behavioral research on physical activity with young children, Matthew P. Normand

Get moving: A programmatic line of behavioral research on physical activity with young children, Matthew P. Normand

Psychology in crisis: Why size actually does matter, Matthew P. Normand

Crossing Borders: Sex and Gender in Lucía Puenzo’s Films, Traci Roberts-Camps


The Adoption and Preferences Among Sport Fans for In-Stadium Sport Team Apps, Lisa Rufer and Melissa J. Davies

Submissions from 2016

Eating in Postmodernity, How Shopping, Cooking and Eating will be Transformed in the Age of the Internet, Ken Albala

Eating in the Digital Age, Ken Albala

Food and Power, Ken Albala

Lungs, Ken Albala

Playing the Scalco, Ken Albala

Research in the Kitchen, Ken Albala


The Artisanal Food Movement and How the Vaues of Fresh, Local and Sustainable are Co-opted by the Food Industry, Ken Albala


The Dynamics of Stockton’s Ethnic Grocery Stores in a Perfectly Diverse City, Ken Albala

Does providing young children the opportunity to choose an activity result in more physical activity, V. Boga and Matthew P. Normand

The effects of text messages on daily step counts, E. Cardoza, A. Cruz-Khalili, and Matthew P. Normand

Systemic Exertional Intolerance Disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? What’s In the Name and Why It Matters for Physical Therapists, Todd E. Davenport, Staci R. Stevens, J. Mark VanNess, Christopher R. Snell, and L. Chu

How to Create a Podcast, Melissa J. Davies

Live Tweeting Reactions to a Film, Melissa J. Davies


Brand management in a niche sport: An LPGA golfer's use of Instagram, Melissa J. Davies and Michael Mudrick

Curating the Racial Imaginary: Claudia Rankine’s American Lyrics, Cynthia Dobbs

Materiality and the 'Splendid Failures' of Lyric Protest: James Agee, Walker Evans, and Claudia Rankine, Cynthia Dobbs

Race-ing Disease, Tracing Etiology in Claudia Rankine’s 'Don’t Let Me Be Lonely', Cynthia Dobbs

Time-resolved Pump-Probe Spectroscopy to Follow Valence Electronic Motion in Molecules: Theory and Simulation, Anthony D. Dutoi

Dada 100, Cosana Maria Eram


Dada Scandals, Cosana Maria Eram

Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, The Spectral Woman of the New York Avant-Garde, Cosana Maria Eram


France’s Response to Terrorism, Cosana Maria Eram

Isidore Isou, la pornographie comme critique sociale, Cosana Maria Eram

Speaking East, Lettrism Now and Then, Cosana Maria Eram


The Avant-Garde Logic of Dispute, Cosana Maria Eram

Why Do They Talk about Paris?, Cosana Maria Eram

The effects of peer-directed attention on the physical activity of young children, S. Gauert and Matthew P. Normand

A replication of B. F. Skinner’s verbal summator, S. Gauert, S. Pangburn, and Matthew P. Normand


Alan Turing: The Man Behind the Machine, Christopher D. Goff


Alan Turing: The Man Behind the Machine, Christopher D. Goff

Novel 1→6- & 6→6-linked ester disaccharide analogs – synthesis and structural evaluation, Sven Hackbusch and Andreas H. Franz

Phase-transfer-catalyzed oxidative esterification of primary alcohols by TEMPO, Sven Hackbusch and Andreas H. Franz

Understanding the Adventure Sportscape's Impact on Consumers' Destination Image and Behavioral Intentions, Eric Hungenberg and Melissa J. Davies

Examining the Relationship between the Semester Length and Student Achievement for Introductory Economics, Sharmila K. King, Chi-Yin Wu, and Yu-Chen Kuo


Roundtable: Professional Development: What do book publishers want?, John Lang, Ken Albala, Marika Christofides, Jennifer Crewe, Kate Marshall, and Jennifer Schmidt


Assyriology at the Liberal Arts College: A Report from the Field, Alan Lenzi

‘Counsels of Wisdom’ as ‘White-Collar’ Wisdom in First Millennium Ancient Mesopotamia, Alan Lenzi

The Book of Job: Your Literary Theophany, Alan Lenzi

The Topography of Ezekiel 8 and Its Significance, Alan Lenzi

The influence of peer presence on physical activity exhibited by young children, C. P. Livingston, Matthew P. Normand, and I. Kristjansdottir

An Examination of NCAA Conference Change, Fan Identification, and Consumer Behavior, Michael Mudrick and Melissa J. Davies

B. F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior: History, controversy, implications, and applications, Matthew P. Normand

Breeding ground: Pseudoscience, voodoo science, and junk science in autism research and treatment, Matthew P. Normand

Contemporary developments in behavior analysis, Matthew P. Normand

Nature or nurture? Either way it’s your parents’ fault, Matthew P. Normand

Nature via nurture: You were born to be made, Matthew P. Normand

The language of science, Matthew P. Normand

Liminal Spaces in Roberto Bolaño’s Una novelita lumpen and Alicia Scherson’s Film Adaptation Il future, Traci Roberts-Camps

Secrets of the Past: Hermanas by Julia Solomonoff and Amu by Shonali Bose, Traci Roberts-Camps

Tsinghua College and its role in Urbanization in Beijing, Gregory Rohlf

Monks and their Children, Caroline T. Schroeder

The Effects of College Remediation on Student Success, J. Farley Ordovensky Staniec and Sharmila K. King

Bike vs Treadmill; RER/VE/VCO2; Selection of Peak and AT values; Post-Exertional Malaise; Dissemination of Findings, J. Mark VanNess

Considerations for CPET In ME/CFS, Informative Data as Common Data Element in Clinical Trial, J. Mark VanNess

Post-Exertional Malaise – CPET Aids in the Explanation of the Cardinal Symptom of ME, J. Mark VanNess

Therapeutic Exercise and Energy Conservation Therapies based on CPET in ME/CFS, J. Mark VanNess

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Demonstrates Post-Exertional Chronotropic Incompetence., J. Mark VanNess, Haylee Bettencourt, Jared Stevens, Staci R. Stevens, Todd E. Davenport, and Christopher R. Snell

Chronotropic incompetence in chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, J. Mark VanNess, Todd E. Davenport, Staci R. Stevens, J Stevens, and Christopher R. Snell

How Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Informs Pathology., J. Mark VanNess, Christopher R. Snell, and Betsy Keller

Development of Karplus equations for 1,6-linked disaccharides, Amelia Watson and Andreas H. Franz

Physical Education as Told by Historical and Contemporary Case Law, J. Wyant, K. Wyant, and Margaret E. Ciccolella

Submissions from 2015

Asian Food in America, Ken Albala


Chair: Agrarian Virtues in Troubled Times: Food and Wine Production during War and Depression, Ken Albala

Food and Power, Ken Albala

Food and Religion, Ken Albala

Food and Sex: The Intimate Connection, a History of Aphrodisiacs, Ken Albala

Food History Methodology Workshop, Ken Albala

History of Wine, Ken Albala

Is Food Art, Ken Albala

Jewish Food in 15th Century Spain, Ken Albala

Making and Knowing Reconstruction Workshop, Ken Albala

Pasta From Scratch, Ken Albala

Perspectives on Agriculture, Food and Water, Ken Albala

Sex, Power and Food in the Renaissance, Ken Albala

The Evolution of Cookbooks in the Digital Age, Ken Albala

Early Modern Food: Desire, Theory, and Innovation, Ken Albala and Molly Taylor-Poleskey