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Class of 2023


Music Industry Studies

Artist Statement

At the beginning of the semester I was asked “what is your favorite song by The Beatles?” I said that I didn’t know. I was told that by the end of the semester I will know. The sheet music used for the background in my piece is that of my two favorite songs by the band. “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and “A Hard Day's Night.” My art piece is called “Come Together.” The title is not only the name of a Beatles song, but it helps to describe the entire piece. Throughout the course I learned a lot about the Fab Four and how their music and words influenced millions of people. For this piece I wanted to see how many artists I would be able to trace their influences back to The Beatles. When listening to our favorite artists we don’t really consider the musicians that may have inspired them. This piece illustrates the many musicians who were inspired by The Beatles in some way. It acts as a timeline to show how the artists we may listen to today were somehow influenced by the band. My piece shows how all of these artists “Come Together” and make music all from being inspired by The Beatles.

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Beatles, Come Together, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Hard Day's Night, Musical influences, Music history, Artist influence