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Bring the Boys Home


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This content curation project focuses on the musical responses to the Vietnam War by examining songs by John Lennon, Edwin Starr, Freda Payne, Jimi Hendrix. The author provides a brief overview of the political, military and cultural forces at work in the U.S. to provide context for the protest songs analyzed. The song analysis includes examining lyrics and other performance elements. The author concludes with showing parallels to today’s protest music.

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Ailey Butler is a junior Music Industry Studies Major. Her sophomore year, she was a Pac Ave staff member and was part of the Sales and Marketing team. Her main job was managing social media for the record label and promoting Issadora Ava’s EP release. Currently, she is a remote intern for 7S management in Denver, Colorado. Ailey is interested in a career in live music or social media promotion after graduating from Pacific.

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