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The evolution of music technology has had a significant impact on how popular music is produced. This video project focuses on topics that range from the origins of sampling to the manipulation of sound files, as in the case of recent artists such as Justin Beiber turning vocal riffs into sampled audio that can then be played like a synthesizer. Many producers mentioned in this study, i.e., SG Lewis, Diplo, and Skrillex, influenced the production trends used in the pop genre as well as cross-blending genres. However, this study also reveals that female music producers are less recognized and highlights the fact that the majority of the music industry remains a male-dominated field.

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Issadora Tulalian (class of 2021) is pursuing a BS in Music Industry Studies. She has released EPs and singles under the artist name, Issadora Ava, and was the featured recording artist during the 2020 Pac Ave Records release cycle. That EP, No One Belongs Here More Than You, drew critical acclaim from Music Connection magazine.

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