Submissions from 2019

Discrimination of Periodicity and Pitch Effects in Musicians and Non-musicians, Gabriella Musacchia

Submissions from 2017


Effectiveness of Virtual Patient Simulation Training for First-Year Au.D. Students, Sueanne Phan, Jacquelyn Georgeson, Clare Gallagher, Jake Ivaland, Griffin Talan, Rupa Balachandran, and Gabriella Musacchia

Submissions from 2016


Increasing Confidence in Evidence-Based Information Gathering for First Year AuD Students, Mickel Paris, Jiong Hu, Veronica Koo, Susanna Marshall, and Gabriella Musacchia

Submissions from 2014


Combined fMRI-EEG evidence for rhythmic and vigilant mode processing in the auditory cortex, N.M. van Atteveldt, G. Musacchia, E. Zion-Golumbic, P. Sehatpour, D.C. Javitt, and C.E. Schroeder

Submissions from 2008

Musical training enhances brainstem and cortical representation of speech and music, Gabriella Musacchia

Submissions from 2007


Multi-sensory interaction and plasticity in the human auditory brainstem, Gabriella Musacchia, NorthwesternUniversity Disorders, Mikko Sams, and Nina Kraus


Musicians have enhanced subcortical auditory and audiovisual processing of speech and music, Gabriella Musacchia, Mikko Sams, Erika Skoe, and Nina Kraus