Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Dissertation/Thesis: CoMIC : an exploration into computer-mediated intercultural communication, Simone Alder

Dissertation/Thesis: Increasing morbidity of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea cases in San Joaquin County, California : locating high risk areas through GIS analysis of cases from 1997-2006, Stefanie Argintean

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of computer-mediated and face-to-face affinity-seeking on out-of-class communication, Christopher James Claus

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural awareness education in grades kindergarten through fourth, Cecilia E. Coats

Dissertation/Thesis: Moving beyond diversity by numbers : new approaches to fostering healthy intercultural climates in human services organizations supporting people with disabilities, Jeanne Marie Farr

Dissertation/Thesis: Evaluation of absolute and relative reinforcer value using progressive ratio schedules, Monica T. Francisco

Dissertation/Thesis: Elementary school principals' perceptions of teacher evaluation practices, Paul Travis Friedman

Dissertation/Thesis: Investigation of the expression of DMC1, a meiotic gene, in trichomonas vaginalis, Donna Lynn Fullerton

Dissertation/Thesis: The rationale behind a small school district superintendent's decision to hire a facilities manager, Felicisimo Capucao Garcera

Dissertation/Thesis: Frequency-based training in the acquisition and retention of reading skills in students with emotional and behavioral disorders, Adrienne Felice D. Granadosin

Dissertation/Thesis: Delivering culturally appropriate healthcare to Mexican immigrant women, Isis Hanna

Dissertation/Thesis: Monkey see, monkey do? An intercultural exploration of the dynamics between humans and non-human primates in a professional animal research setting, Gustaf Hannula

Dissertation/Thesis: Determination of the proton affinities of gas phase peptides by mass spectrometry and computational chemistry, Robert T. Harper

Dissertation/Thesis: An electrophysiological study of the effects of resveratrol and catechin at GABAa receptors, Jennifer C. Harr

Dissertation/Thesis: An assessment of curricular methods to reduce communication apprehension among public speaking students, Matthew Thomas Kemper

Dissertation/Thesis: An investigation of the neuroprotective properties of fenamate NSAIDs, against experimental model of ischemic stroke, Parto S. Khanasari

Dissertation/Thesis: Optimization of porcine buccal mucosa for in vitro evaluation, Upendra D. Kulkarni

Dissertation/Thesis: The Impact of emotional intelligence on supervisor, Joseph A. Martinez

Dissertation/Thesis: Molecular analysis of algal communities in the San Joaquin River, Carol Lynn Meusburger

Dissertation/Thesis: Screening for perfectionism in female athletes : an aid in determining patterns of disordered eating?, Amanda Lee Michalek

Dissertation/Thesis: An exploration of onsite study abroad support services in Latin America for gay and lesbian students with emphasis on identity development and identity negotiation, Kevin M. Morrison

Dissertation/Thesis: Effectiveness of stigma reduction strategies for the mentally ill, Tracy E. Oliver

Dissertation/Thesis: The role of intercultural communication sensitivity in overcoming cultural barriers, Emily Lopez Padilla

Dissertation/Thesis: Intracellular delivery of rabbit monoclonal antibody, Qi Qian

Dissertation/Thesis: College students and voter mobilization campaigns : a grounded communication theory for increasing political efficacy and involvement, Vanessa M. Robinson

Dissertation/Thesis: A case study of supervisor-employee communication and the link to program quality, Michelle Florine Santos

Dissertation/Thesis: Assay development for use in drug discovery against Bovine Trichomoniasis, Kimberly C. M. Schreiber

Dissertation/Thesis: Mastery learning and the essentials of critical care orientation : a heuristic participant evaluation, Mitchell J. Seal

Dissertation/Thesis: Use of a task analysis to increase and maintain apartment cleaning with adults diagnosed with schizophrenia, Sophia H. Spearman

Dissertation/Thesis: Quantity versus quality : the opportunity to choose back-up reinforcers in a token economy, Sanddeep K. Sran

Thesis: Characterization of the 5̕ untranslated region ( 5̕ UTR) of the alcohol oxidase I (AOX I) gene in Pichia pastoris., Christopher A. Staley

Dissertation/Thesis: Isolation and characterization of the tubuliform spidroin 1 promoter from the black widow spider, Latrodectus Hesperus, Jessica Reńee Stamey

Dissertation/Thesis: Discovering Korean learners' perceptions of intercultural encounters with their classmates, Marjorie W. Tarantino

Dissertation/Thesis: Rapid identification, confirmation, and quantitation using an open-air ion source coupled to a time-of-flight mass spectrometer, Teresa M. Vail

Dissertation/Thesis: Trans-2-aminocyclohexanol as a pH-sensitive conformation switch in liposomes, Ningrong Zhang

Dissertation/Thesis: A new mass spectrometric assay of N8-acetylspermidine deacetylase and partial purification of the enzyme, YongYuan Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of on-screen messages on viewer perceptions of source credibility and issue valence, Timothy Aden

Dissertation/Thesis: Childhood obesity : a case study of physical activity patterns of obese 6-10 year olds, Karin Hilarie Anderson

Dissertation/Thesis: The relationship of emotional intelligence and self-esteem to interpersonal communication satisfaction, Susana Araisa

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of effective supervisor, Wendy Bowers Armagnac

Dissertation/Thesis: The role of Rap and Hip-hop music in value acceptance and identity formation, Brett D. Atwood

Dissertation/Thesis: More than tolerance: development through dialogue on race and cultural differences : a guide to learning in facilitated small groups, Sarah Sayner Bergdahl

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of emotional intelligence and self-esteem on undergraduate college student academic involvement and career orientation, Pamela LeeAnn Cartwright

Dissertation/Thesis: Studies on the detection of nucleotides and oligonucleotides by mass spectrometry, Eric H. Chen

Dissertation/Thesis: Hi'Iaka meets Terpsichore : an exploratory study of the connections between intercultural communication and dance, Antimo Cimino

Dissertation/Thesis: Why is MySpace the place for friends? : An ethnographic study on the effects of social-networking site use on socialization, Brian-Alexander T. Domingo

Dissertation/Thesis: The pit, the field and the edifice : a rhetorical analysis of the commemorative 9, Kevin Hogan

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of a weighted checklist and weekly feedback on university housing staff performance, Erick K. Marmolejo

Dissertation/Thesis: A textual analysis of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients to explore best organizational communication models in American companies, Sean McNally

Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of phosphorous containing macromolecular polyether compounds, Urja Vidya Narayan

Dissertation/Thesis: A comparison of college student moral reasoning and tendency toward choosing service learning courses, Abigail M. Nathanson

Dissertation/Thesis: Analysis of dirhenium carboxylate : purine dinucleotide adducts, Tiffany Anne Payne

Dissertation/Thesis: Religion, spirituality & spiritual development of undergraduate students, Charlene E. Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Dissertation/Thesis: Media social responsibility and risk communication : a critical analysis of newspaper headlines of the SARS outbreak, Margaret Allender

Dissertation/Thesis: Reactivity of Re₂(CH₃COO)₂Cl₄·2H₂O with purine DNA dinucleotides, Crystal Annette Anderson

Dissertation/Thesis: Using readers theater to improve reading comprehension and reader self-efficacy in elementary students, Kristi M. Baysinger

Dissertation/Thesis: An analysis of the news media's construction of protest groups, Richard Scott Biedermann

Dissertation/Thesis: Crisis public relations : a case study of the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses by the San Francisco Mayor's Office, Jessica Jean Boyer

Dissertation/Thesis: A public relations case study on the United States Navy and Marine Corps' role in Operation Unified Assistance following the South Asia tsunami, Hans H. Chun

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of downstream target genes regulated by ABF-1 in different states of B cell development, Anthony R. Eusebio

Dissertation/Thesis: Effect of Estrogen on LPS-induced human endothelial cell adhesion moledule expression and calcium signaling, Rohini-Ann Franco

Dissertation/Thesis: Advertising to the Hispanic community : an intercultural communication approach, Jonathon R. Glazebrook

Dissertation/Thesis: An exploration of negative and aggressive reporting descriptors on the perceived credibility and voter support of a female politician, Carol M. Green

Dissertation/Thesis: Cloning and characterization of the Pichia Pastoris PMR1 gene, Heather Lee Grove

Dissertation/Thesis: Media coverage of athletes in legal proceedings : an analysis of the Kobe Bryant case, Brooke Holmquist

Dissertation/Thesis: Vietnamese American attitudes toward intercultural and interracial marriage, Regina Khong

Dissertation/Thesis: Induction and characterization of de novo methylation by benzo[A]pyrene in the cancer cell lines MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231, Vladimir Joseph Kozina

Dissertation/Thesis: Analysis and confirmation of the results of a yeast two-hybrid screen carried out to identify proteins that interact with drosophila XRCC2, Deepak Kumar

Dissertation/Thesis: Women on television : a content analysis of female relationships on Sex and the City, Alicia C. Lowry

Dissertation/Thesis: Using affinity purification -- mass spectrometry to identify aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator interacting proteins, Ashraf G. Madian

Dissertation/Thesis: Effects of male breeding gland in hymenochirus on female reproductive output, Amanda L. Madison

Dissertation/Thesis: Sports television viewing and value acceptance, Gavin L. McFarlin

Dissertation/Thesis: The impact of television viewing on young adults' stereotypes towards Hispanic Americans, Arthur Phillip Murrillo

Dissertation/Thesis: Development of a high throughput reporter system using ß-Galactosidase in the yeast : Pichia Pastoris, Jack Nguyen

Dissertation/Thesis: Artificial neural networks for cardiovascular risk, cardiovascular fitness and ankle-brachial index, Ninad Mohan Patil

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural competence for public health nurses, Pamela Polk

Dissertation/Thesis: An in-depth analysis of why teachers choose to work at small innovative high schools, Temeca L. Richardson

Dissertation/Thesis: Development of a LC, Jennifer Huiqin Tang

Dissertation/Thesis: Generation of cDNA chips from the black widow spider, latrodectus hesperus, for gene discovery and expression profiling using microarray technology, and molecular characterization of a novel silk glue protein, Keshav Vasanthavada

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Dissertation/Thesis: Evaluation of bootstrapping as a validation technique for population pharmacokinetic models, Mohammed Fawzi Al-otoum

Dissertation/Thesis: A comparison of TV news coverage of the American medium (CNN) and the Middle East medium (Al-Jazeera) on the Iraq War, Adrenna Benjamin

Dissertation/Thesis: Reality television dating program viewing and perceptions of realtionships among U.S. college students, Gabrielle Falcone

Dissertation/Thesis: Development of a human plasmacytoma cell line with inducible expression of activated B-cell factor-1, Jennifer L. Fortunati

Dissertation/Thesis: Tamil asylees and U.S. social workers : intercultural communication in the context of refugee services, Emily Josephine Hagadorn

Thesis: Mechanism(s) involved in the transport of Fenretinide across Caco-2 monolayers, Amit Kokate

Dissertation/Thesis: Identification of proteins that interact with CeABF-1 using A yeast two-hybrid system, Jeremy R. Lanthrop

Dissertation/Thesis: An intercultural teambuilding training program designed for a corporate multicultural team in the U.S. and Germany, Ursula D. Leitzmann

Dissertation/Thesis: In search of self : a closer look at Mexican American heritage seeking students, Rachel Bright Morones

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of music versus non-music on focus of attention in pediatric injection patients, Laura Kayoko Noguchi

Dissertation/Thesis: Pharmacological regulators of T cell calcium stores, Alister Michael Peters

Dissertation/Thesis: Development of a Burkitt Lymphoma cell line with inducible expression of activated B-cell factor-1, Jennifer Mary Richmond

Dissertation/Thesis: Part I characterization of MyoR in C2C12 mouse fibroblasts. Part II isolation and characterization of a novel class II bHLH transcription factor from the black widow spider, latrodectus hesperus, William R. Thayer

Thesis: Design and synthesis of 3-[N-(cyclopropylmethyl) amino]-7-(methoxy or hydroxy)-2, 2-dimethyl-1-tetralone analogs as potential opioid receptor antagonists, Brett H. Williams

Dissertation/Thesis: Effects of varied types of music on singing voice and articulation in patients with Parkinson's disease, Wendy S. Woolsey

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Thesis: The U.S. Forest Service : business as usual : a thesis ..., Cathy Bennett

Thesis: Implications of self-leadership on occupational success among adolescents : a thesis ..., Lester A. Deanes

Thesis: The effect of staffing variables on the successful program completions of juvenile delinquents in group homes : a thesis ..., L. Patricia Degenstein Garcia

Thesis: Evaluation of 10-fold cross validation and prediction error sums of squares statistic for population pharmacokinetic model validation : a thesis ..., Shibani Harite

Thesis: Crisis public relations : how law enforcement agencies responded to the sniper attacks of 2002 : a thesis ..., Erika Hulstrom-Garces

Thesis: Characterization of the Pichia pastoris alcohol oxidase I promoter : a thesis ..., Sabrina D. Johnson