Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: An analysis of the impact of parent education level and family income on the academic achievement of students of Hispanic and white ethnicities, Scott M. Siegel


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Parental motivation for enrolling a child in a two-way immersion language program, Barbara L. Silver

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of peer versus therapist mediated music improvisation groups on quality of social interaction between adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and general education peers, Carmen F. Steele-Abundez

Dissertation/Thesis: The efficacy in the development and implementation of the California high school exit exam and the eighth-grade algebra 1 policy, Theresa A. Stovall

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of subtilisin-like serine proteases in trichomonas vaginalis, Raquel K. Sugino

Dissertation/Thesis: It's a jungle out there : zoo public relations and marketing, Tonja M. Swank


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: The relationship between eleventh-grade varsity sports participation and academic achievement, George S. Sziraki Jr.


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Teachers' professional development experiences: Implications for teaching practice, Teresa M. Vail

Dissertation/Thesis: The behavior of RAD51D and XRCC2 in response to drug induced DNA damage and a continuing study of the fly RAD51 paralogs, Tricia A. Van Laar


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Mechanisms of polymer adsorption in nanoparticle stabilization for poorly water soluble compounds, Lauren Sample Wiser

Dissertation/Thesis: A uses and gratifications perspective of Chinese college students' motivations in using renren (Chinese social networking site), Yun Wu

Dissertation/Thesis: Sharing the love : a generic socket API for Hadoop Mapreduce, Adam J. Yee


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Post-translational modifications of SEL24K from salmon eggs and ZPA from Xenopus laevis eggs, Liang Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2010


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Factors that may contribute to the placement of Latino English language learners in special education: Perceptions of Directors of Special Education in California, Dante Alvarez

Dissertation/Thesis: Understanding the impact of leadership coursework on students' perceptions of self as leader, Adrianna E. G. Andrews-Brown


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: The impact of an English language learner professional development program on teacher perception of preparedness and practice, Laraine A. Aragon


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Perspectives on learning in a continuation high school: Voices of male Hispanic students, Alexander M. Arcega

Dissertation/Thesis: First-generation college students and greek membership : understanding college experiences through the lens of community cultural wealth, Molly M. Bechtel

Dissertation/Thesis: Acculturation of Armenian immigrants, Natalie Bruton-Yenovkian

Dissertation/Thesis: Interactions of human and drosophila Rad 51 paralogs, George M. Buffleben

Dissertation/Thesis: Identification and isolation of microsatellite loci from the Trematode Echinostoma Trivolvis for use in interspecific and intraspecific variation studies, Bradley J. Butcher

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural conflict styles in the criminal justice system and the implications for intercultural interventions, Colleen Butler


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: English learner professional development strategies: Administrators' perceived perception in readiness for implementation, Marta Elena Escobar


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Leadership self-efficacy in university co-curricular programs, Andrew R. Fields

Dissertation/Thesis: The experience of students who identify as Jewish and Greek : influences on spiritual development, Alexandra D. Froehlich

Dissertation/Thesis: The Synthetic spider silk fibers spun from Pyriform Spidroin 2, a glue silk protein discovered in orb-weaving spider attachment discs, Paul Geurts

Dissertation/Thesis: Toward intercultural competence : intercultural training for Japanese students in the United States, Tomoko Harpster


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Principals' perceptions of teacher evaluation practices in an urban school district, Shana N. Henry Barton


Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted: The effect of outdoor activity context on physical activity in preschool children, Kristin M. Hustyi

Dissertation/Thesis: Storytelling in the transformative process of cultural self-awareness, Mary Frances Jaster


Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted: Securing supplemental revenue in private elementary school: A case study of one Jewish community day school, Marcie Lorin Lane

Dissertation/Thesis: Globally competent leadership : comparison between U.S. American and mainland Chinese conceptualization of effective leadership, Robert Leisey

Dissertation/Thesis: RNA and protein expression patterns of the Drosophila XRCC2 Homolog, Phoebe E. Montemayor

Dissertation/Thesis: Generation of A L. Hesperus embryonic cDNA library for the isolation of genes involved in early pattern formation, Angela Peralta

Dissertation/Thesis: Returning to Haiti: humanitarian effort or corporate capitalism ? : a crisis communication response evaluation of Royal Caribbean International, Melissa A. Piffero

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural communication in healthcare interpreting : an exploration of possibilities, Kimberly Rose Pineda

Dissertation/Thesis: Characteristics & perceived skills of California community college chief financial officers : a profile of characteristics & perceived skills and responsibilities, George Austin Railey Jr.

Dissertation/Thesis: An examination of the intercultural outcome of a policy of educational division based on spoken language : the case of educational policy in Vukovar, Croatia, Masa Tasovac

Dissertation/Thesis: Changing communication through Facebook : redefining perceptions of public and private communication, Megan D. Turco

Dissertation/Thesis: New transfer partners : California community colleges and private for-profit four-year institutions, Alice C. van Ommeren

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Dissertation/Thesis: Teaching ESL, Nancy Lynn Anderson

Dissertation/Thesis: The effects of acquired disability on interpersonal relationships in Japan : an intercultural approach, Jeffrey L. Berglund

Dissertation/Thesis: Molecular identification of silk proteins in the gumfooted lines and attachment discs of the black widow spider, latrodectus hesperus, Eric M. Blasingame

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of a novel aggregate-gland-derived spider silk protein in Latrodectus Hesperus : from sequence to propsoed function, Tiffany Blasingame

Dissertation/Thesis: Fish and mammals of the lower Calaveras River, Stockton, CA, Sara D. Blocker

Dissertation/Thesis: Burning protests, the rhetoric of agitation and control of the journey of harmony tour, Kathleen Bruce

Dissertation/Thesis: Diatoms of the genus thalassiosira from the tidal San Joaquin River, Stockton CA, USA, Karen Lynne Burr

Dissertation/Thesis: Usual dietary intake among chronic fatigue syndrome patients, Alexandra M. Caspero

Dissertation/Thesis: The importance of intercultural willingness-to-communicate in reducing ethnocentrism and behaviors associated with ethnocentrism, Christine M. Collaço

Dissertation/Thesis: The creation of the Khalsa : a study into the rhetorical strategies of collective identity transformation, Raman Kaur Deol

Dissertation/Thesis: International public relations : perceptions of the effects of language usage and culture on codes of professional standards, Ashley Gayle Dolezal

Dissertation/Thesis: Identification and characterization of BEN1, a novel microtubule associated protein in fission yeast, Benjamin Alan Escotto

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of TvDMC1 and TvSOD6 expression and function in trichomonas vaginalis, Nathalie Emma-Marie Foray

Dissertation/Thesis: Ideology in California : the role of oppositional interaction as a strategy in the campaign for Proposition 8, Kasey Christopher Gardner

Dissertation/Thesis: T-RFLP analysis of bacterial 16S rRNA gene sequences isolated from river otter (Lontra canadensis) scat and parasite screening for the presence of Toxoplasma gondii, Aubree Marie Gustafson

Dissertation/Thesis: Gender differences in aortic endothelial function in a rat model of streptozotocin-induced diabetes : possible role of superoxide and cyclooxygenase, Avantika Kekatpure

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of the Mata pre-, Daniel Kim

Dissertation/Thesis: Practitioners' insights on intercultural predeparture training : design and practices, Brenda Joyce Koller

Dissertation/Thesis: Ba in the American context : an exploration of Japanese in U.S. workplaces, Hideki Kono

Dissertation/Thesis: Identification of an aqueous glue protein, SCP-2, and the development of a polyclonal antiserum against the bHLH transcription factor SGSF in Latrodectus Hesperus, Coby Ann La Mattina

Dissertation/Thesis: Comparison of zeocin and G418 resistance markers in Pichia pastoris, Allison Moy

Dissertation/Thesis: A comparison of English and U.S. American communication patterns in work settings : an English perspective, Dianne Rene Nersesian-McGuire

Dissertation/Thesis: When going to the doctor makes you sick : a case study of the crisis communication strategy of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, Erin Kaye O'Harra

Dissertation/Thesis: Eradication of the giant reed (arundo donax) : an evaluation of different methodologies, Olumuyiwa A. Owoyomi

Dissertation/Thesis: Expression and analysis of a legumain from trichomonas vaginalis, Nimisha Navinchandra Patel

Dissertation/Thesis: Transformative learning : an examination of the impact of short-term study abroad, Jesse Carson Pugh

Dissertation/Thesis: Solarization as a means to eliminate invasive plant species and target the seedbank, Garret W. Reed

Dissertation/Thesis: The impact of using situational management communication styles in intercollegiate athletics, Glen A. Sisk

Dissertation/Thesis: Political engagement and social networking sites exploring the relationship between social networking sites and political engagement in young adults, Jeffrey A. Toney

Dissertation/Thesis: Guiding the 21st century foreign student advisor : a compendium to the Handbook of Foreign Student Advising, Nancy E. Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Dissertation/Thesis: Does intervening in the learning of study abroad students facilitate the development of intercultural competencies?, Barbara A. Boldt

Dissertation/Thesis: Building inclusive boards : the perspectives of nonprofit leaders and prospective board members, Jennifer R. Bradley

Dissertation/Thesis: Strategies of overexpressing retinoid X receptor and pregnane x receptor for functional studies, Chandra Zaneta Bunton

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of phonological and semantic cues on word retrieval in adults, Katheryn Elizabeth Burrill

Dissertation/Thesis: Economically disadvantantaged students : perceptions and the acquisition of self-efficacy, Maria Sayil Camacho

Dissertation/Thesis: The influence of recruiters' perceptions of student emotional intelligence competencies on advancement to second round interviews, Deborah Donnini Crane

Dissertation/Thesis: The role of Ryanodine receptors in neuronal calcium signaling, Rui Cui

Dissertation/Thesis: Tamales with chopsticks : enriching the experience of the multicultural family, Elizabeth Escobedo

Dissertation/Thesis: The effect of music and imagery to induce relaxation and reduce nausea and emesis in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, Maria Montserrat Gimeno i Doménech

Dissertation/Thesis: Sublingual drug delivery : in vitro characterization of barrier properties and prediction of permeability, Tarun Goswani

Dissertation/Thesis: (Neo) revolutionary messages : an analysis of the impact of counter-narratives versus state narratives during the 1991 Coup D'etat in the former Soviet Union, Duane A. Gundrum

Dissertation/Thesis: Overexpression of active AKT3 induces differential binding of coregulator proteins to the estrogen receptor as a possible mechanism of Tamoxifen resistance, Muhammad A. Hagras

Dissertation/Thesis: Global leadership and the development of intercultural competency in U.S. multinational corporations, Terry Hogan

Dissertation/Thesis: Ryanodine receptors in calcium signaling pathways, Yiming Li

Dissertation/Thesis: Chicanos in education : an examination of the 1968 east Los Angeles student walkouts!, Mariana I. Martinez Garcia

Dissertation/Thesis: Characterization of the large diameter fibers in egg case silk : identification of a core fibroin, TuSp1, and localization of fibroin-like molecules, ECPs, from the black widow spider, latrodectus hesperus, Erin McMullen

Dissertation/Thesis: The intersection of identity construction & learning approach : the experience of college students with psychological disorders, Shauna K. Moriarty

Dissertation/Thesis: Assessing the development of intercultural sensitivity gained through the domestic experiences of first year students, Alicia Montana Morrell

Dissertation/Thesis: Greek : the impact of media on the stereotyping of social fraternities and sororities, Kari A. Murphy

Dissertation/Thesis: Jhakris and the urban Nepali conflict : chaos and confusion, Smriti Pokharel

Dissertation/Thesis: Automated and accurate description of protein structure -- from secondary to tertiary structure, Sushilee Ranganathan

Dissertation/Thesis: Evidence that aciniform silk and minor ampullate silk are major constituents of wrapping silk from the black widow, Ryan C. Reza

Dissertation/Thesis: Intercultural sensitivity through the mass-mediated lens : understanding DMIS levels in newspaper editorials in regards to same-sex marriage, Nicole Inez Sol

Dissertation/Thesis: Community violence exposure and adolescents' academic functioning, Jennifer C. Thom

Dissertation/Thesis: A study of Myspace and Facebook from the perspectives of uses and gratification and impression management, Mark A. Urista

Dissertation/Thesis: A social exchange and power dependency theory perspective of Mexican immigrant family communication patterns, Mariela Anahi Vera

Dissertation/Thesis: A critical look at nutritional value of commercials on the Nickelodeon Network, Sarah A. J. Vinall

Dissertation/Thesis: Liposome drug delivery systems for anticancer agents, Huizhen Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Dissertation/Thesis: Analysis of a trichomonas vaginalis cysteine protease, Bethany R. Acquistapace

Dissertation/Thesis: Greek leadership courses : participation and changes in student leadership practices, David Alexander Adams